1Zhejiang provincial high court for retrial twenty-three years of Chen man free body – Sohu news|Zhejiang provincial high court for retrial twenty-three years of Chen man free body – Sohu news

Zhejiang Provincial High Court of retrial: unrighted wrong 23 years Chen man regain freedom – Sohu News newspaper Beijing February 1, (reporter Xu Jun, Jiangnan) February 1,, Zhejiang Provincial Higher People’s court in accordance with the law of Chen man intentional homicide, arson retrial open verdict, to revoke the original judgment, declared Chen full of innocence. December 25, 1992, Hainan Haikou City Public Security Bureau Zhendong Bureau received a report, later that day 8 when Xu in Haikou Municipal Zhendongqu uphill village 109 room fire, the masses, and firefighters in the fire found inside a corpse, the body burns, the neck and body with the sword traces, the house has a lot of blood. The investigation by the public security organs, the dead for the building of custody of the bell Zuokuan, finds that the case is rented in with the building of Fu County in Sichuan Ji Chen man is. February 1994, the Haikou Municipal People’s Procuratorate to the Haikou City Intermediate People’s court to the city intermediate people’s court for intentional homicide. November 9, 1994, Haikou City Intermediate People’s court to the crime of intentional homicide, arson Chen man sentenced to death, with a two-year suspension of execution, deprived of political rights for life. After the verdict, Haikou City People’s Procuratorate to the original of Chen full sentence too light, should be sentenced to the immediate execution of death penalty in the grounds, to the Hainan Provincial Higher People’s Court of appeal, the Hainan Provincial People’s Procuratorate to support the protest. In April 15, 1999, the Hainan Provincial High Court of second instance verdict, dismissed the appeal, upheld. The referee after the commencement of the trial the defendant Chen man refused to accept the appeal to the Supreme People’s procuratorate. In February 10, 2015, the Supreme Procuratorate to lodge a protest to the Supreme People’s court. In April 24th, the highest law in accordance with the instructions of the provisions of the criminal procedure law article 244th of the Zhejiang Provincial High Court retrial case. The Zhejiang Province High Court on the case filing procedure, legally formed a collegiate bench, the collegial panel according to the procedure access files, questioned Chen man, make an on-the-spot survey the scene of the crime, serious investigation to verify the evidence. In order to further investigate the case, Zhejiang Provincial High Court, Zhejiang Provincial People’s Procuratorate also found several key witness investigation and evidence collection. At the same time, also on Chen’s guilt and the case scene investigation, autopsy and evidence of evidence, such as the existence of some of the doubts, commissioned by the relevant technical departments to carry out technical analysis. On 29 December 2015, Zhejiang Province High Court in Haikou City Qiongshan District People’s Court of Chen with a case according to the law of the public hearing. Zhejiang Provincial People’s Procuratorate prosecutor assigned to duty, Chen Man and their lawyers attended the court proceedings. Trial, the full court to organize the inspection, the two sides were evidence, cross examination, the examination, the two sides also issued a debate on their respective views. In February 1, 2016, the Zhejiang Province High Court in the island province of Hainan Meilan prison, according to the law of the case open verdict that the original referee identified defendant Chen man killed the victim clock Zuokuan and set body burner extermination of the fact is not clear, lack of evidence, can not be accused of a crime is established, shall be amended in accordance with the law. Accordingly, in accordance with the criminal procedure law of the people’s Republic of China article 245, Article 225 of the first (third), the Supreme People’s Court Interpretation on the application of the "the people’s Republic of China Criminal Procedure Law," "the 389th article in the second paragraph of the provisions, revocation the trial judge declared Chen man.