1What’s wrong about golf Scotland occupation talent gap problem|What’s wrong about golf Scotland occupation talent gap problem

What’s wrong about golf? Scottish Vocational Talent lean question Calum Macaulay has admitted the pressure to have to stay away from golf sina sports news Beijing time on January 8, if you understand the following facts, you will cries the home of golf in the end how? At present, there is no one under the age of 30 players in the European tour and the tour and the tour, 32 year old Jemison – Scott (Scott  Jamieson) is one of them, the youngest of the. It highlights the status quo of Scotland occupation golf lean. If there are 13 players in the world ranking 100 in England, the problem is even more serious in Scotland, where there are players in the world. To further elaborate on this issue, as well as behind the thinking, please see below. Fast browsing Calum Macaulay (Callum  Macaulay) personal website, we will find a strong evidence: professional sports career is the life of the life, in the harsh environment, you really unable to fight against the cruel competition. In the summer of 2008 short weeks, Calum Macaulay in Kano Christie won the Scottish Amateur Championship; when Scotland in the Royal Australian Adelaide leading rod 9 won the World Amateur Championship, he handed over the star record; after that, he for the first time to participate in the examination won the European tour card entries. In 2008 Calum Macaulay had in Kano Christie won the Scottish amateur championship victory for Australia especially wonderful place that is ranked second in the United States. The team included Ricky Fowler and Billy – Hoshel (Billy  Horschel) of such young people. At that time, the world is in the Mccauley golf Karume feet, so it seemed. The next few years, Ricky – Fowler and Billy – Huo Xueer climbed to unimaginable heights. In the Ryder Cup, and the ability to obtain $10 million in federal Cup awards to prove they feared. In contrast, Karume Mccauley is taking a different path. On its website, Calum Macaulay writing a blog, with about a career as a rookie in the European Tour season chasing the dream of life, every week has made little progress. However, a large number of unstable results show that it is not in accordance with the planned development. In January 2013, at last, the problem flared up. "I may have completed golf career, the most difficult journey of," Calum Macaulay that time wrote, "I in South Africa spent a whole month, very unfortunate, I suffered a four playoff. "At this moment my mind is burdened with a bit of mental baggage. As you can imagine, golf is a tough enough sport. And when you’re carrying the extra pressure, it feels like you’re fighting for a mortgage, it is more difficult." The blog is still the last Mccauley Karume website update. Since then, there is no more movement. As he admits, something is broken, he’s already.