1U.S. media China’s 055 cruiser vulnerable to submarine attacks will not have electromagnetic cannon |U.S. media China’s 055 cruiser vulnerable to submarine attacks will not have electromagnetic cannon

U.S. media: 055 cruiser of China vulnerable to attack submarine not electromagnetic gun – the new network data figure: the Chinese Navy 052c expelled outside the ship media said that in the United States Navy throughout the Asia Pacific region launched against, Washington confidence chock full of in the turbulent waters of the shuttle. After all, the total tonnage of the United States Navy is still far more than the Chinese navy. It is in the key areas of submarine technology squelch maintain a competitive edge and have a huge base of network. In addition, it also has a loyal, strong and high morale of the allies. Even so, Beijing has a reason to be confident in a way that has just started. According to the U.S. "national interest" bimonthly website on March 19 Daily said, 10 years ago, Western naval analysis personage of the Chinese Navy new red aegis type 052c destroyer much praise. Type 052C destroyer is China’s first phased array radar and vertical launch system of warships. Today, the model of the ship’s improved type 052D destroyer is in mass production, is expected to make 8 to 12. But compelling interpretation is not the focus of this ship, but a glimpse of future, take a look at the horizon of the let a person feel the ominous "Dreadnought" — China 055 cruiser. The warship is currently being developed. Reported that the sensor (radar) is clearly the core technology of the warship. And before the "Aegis" destroyers like, 055 cruiser’s main mission is still bound to be composed of fleet air defense, including the right to join the Beijing has just set up the aircraft carrier battle group. It is said that the phased array radar on the 052D destroyer is 15% larger than the 052C type, and the detection range is not less than 400 km. In 055 cruiser diagram can see S-band radar (located just below the bridge and facing the front), also can see the smaller size, in giant halfway up the mast of X-band phased array radar, but this may not true dual band radar technology, because these two radar and not combined. It is worth noting is that the drawings show above the stern of the ship in the vicinity of the helicopter hangar with a very prominent "solid-state remote surveillance radar. As for the weapons, it is said that the 055 type of cruiser huge volume, can be installed 96 vertical launch system, and has been put into operation of the 052D type destroyer 64 compared to an increase. Due to the huge volume, it can not only load more weapons, but also to fill the larger size of the missile. One drawback of the vertical launch system of the 052D type destroyer is that it can’t fill a missile with a length of more than seven meters. In addition to the "remote land attack cruise missiles and missile interceptor, the vertical launch system tube possible loading of other weapons, including a" new type of medium range air defense missile ", a" new medium range anti submarine missile ", a" new long-range anti-aircraft missiles and a "new type supersonic long-range anti-ship missile". Interestingly, in addition to air defense, the mission of the 055 cruiser not only has a missile defense, there are anti satellite action. For short-range air defense, said the ship upgrades installed a per minute firing rate 9600 new melee weapons system — the firing rate is twice the melee weapon system in China before. And, of course, another big design.