1The opening of the fourth nuclear security summit China to hand over the report card – the new netwo|The opening of the fourth nuclear security summit China to hand over the report card – the new netwo

The fourth session of the nuclear security summit opens in China to produce "report card" – in the new China News Agency, Washington, March 31 (Xinhua): the fourth session of the nuclear security summit opens in China to produce "report card" the China News Agency reporter Zhang Weiran Diao Haiyang "I give you bring good news, China atom can Institute of HEU micro pile low enriched transformation has been completed, March 26, full power operation, water pan blue light let me so excited. I think this is a good report card for the fourth nuclear security summit." Local time 31, the fourth nuclear security summit opened in washington. China National Atomic Energy Agency Director Xu Dazhe with the United States Department of energy minister Moniz early jointly visited the located in the summit conference center of China National Nuclear Security Baoguo home booth, share nuclear security in China the latest developments in the field. China’s booth with pictures and text in the way of China’s nuclear safety issues in the efforts and progress in international cooperation, highlighting the rational, coordinated, and into the nuclear security concept. China News Agency reporter noted that in various countries, international organizations and institutions located in the middle of the various types of think tank, China booth attracted the attention of the day the scene of the most people. After seeing the booth, Moniz said several times in a row, too good". Moniz also repeatedly praised the U.S. – China cooperation in the construction of nuclear security demonstration center on the eve of the nuclear summit put into operation. He recalled that in 2013 had attended the groundbreaking ceremony of the demonstration center, was still a flat ground, two years later saw the world’s most advanced nuclear security demonstration center. This is just a start, China can use this demonstration center to train Chinese and foreign experts, and through the National Laboratory of the two countries to provide training, research techniques, to explore new methods. Moniz stressed that Xi Jinping, chairman and President Barack Obama’s relationship is very important in many aspects, not only including climate change, including nuclear safety, the United States and China should introduced the world to promote more demonstration center, the two countries in the field of nuclear safety has common "vision", the next step to celebrate the "big moment" will be put into operation in China Zhejiang Sanmen cooperation to carry out nuclear power cooperation projects, which will in the global scope has important significance. In addition to Sino US cooperation, Xu Dazhe also brought a report of China and the world cooperation". A study of the China and Russia, France, Britain, India, South Korea, Pakistan and other countries are in on the issue of nuclear safety keep consultations and exchanges, and continued to International Atomic can body, the nuclear security fund contributions and will actively consider each year increased the amount of donation; China will the purpose of voluntary, pragmatic principles, and consultation with the relevant countries share transformation from China’s imports of highly enriched uranium research reactor and with the international community to share the high enriched uranium reactor technical transformation of low enriched experience; deepen international cooperation on nuclear security, provide help to other countries. At present, nuclear security is increasingly linked with network security, with the world’s nuclear power plants, nuclear facilities, the trend of automatic control is more and more obvious, the risk of network attacks on nuclear facilities rise. Xu Dazhe revealed that China is in cooperation with the world powers, powers, in nuclear facilities, particularly over the safety of nuclear facilities control joint efforts and hope from the aspects of personnel, technology and other prevention network threats and prevent risk. )