1Taiwan Scholars Zhu Lilun offering 3 trick fight victory to Taiwan Channel – people.com.cn|Taiwan Scholars Zhu Lilun offering 3 trick fight victory to Taiwan Channel – people.com.cn

Taiwan Scholars: Chu offering 3 big "trick" & nbsp; to fight victory before – Taiwan Channel – People’s network original title: Taiwan Scholars: Chu offering 3 big "trick" to fight victory before Chu and his wife high Wanqian jointly run the trip. (information from media) 2016 election, the KMT election slightly depressed. In this regard, Taiwan Chengchi University Honorary Professor, "legislators" had the China times, the Juwei 13 letter said, resulting in this situation, the KMT must bear the greatest responsibility, but if resorted to moved, challenge, trust "trick", Zhu lilun reversal wins before it is too late. The first move". Chu in the "column", although the continuous public apology, but the actual election improve Co., because that is the lack of "sincerity". Once Juwei believes that now "Zhu Wang Ma" if together on the matter to show sincerity, will be able to arouse the supporters of enthusiasm. Second strokes "challenge". Chu advocated "cabinet system, if the elected leaders of the Taiwan region he is willing to voluntarily to the" Legislative Yuan "report and, more recently, the chosen by the majority party in the ‘cabinet’." Had Juwei pointed out that in order to show their commitment to reform and courage, Chu should be publicly declared not because LianZhan lever and give up the "constitutional reform" plan. The third measure of trust "". Taiwan’s economic woes, in addition to international environmental factors, the professional background of the leaders and the ability to use people is also an important reason. Unfortunately, Zhu Lilun in the debate failed to take the opportunity to highlight their financial professional, so that people really feel the financial background of the leaders of the special decision wisdom and ability to discuss policy. In order to restore the confidence of the voters of the KMT’s ruling, Zhu Lilun should be more hard on this personal advantage. (source: Taiwan, China)