1Shanghai women’s volleyball home court 3-0 to clinch the Bayi team league runner up battle 2-0 preem|Shanghai women’s volleyball home court 3-0 to clinch the Bayi team league runner up battle 2-0 preem

Shanghai women’s volleyball home 3-0 to clinch the Bayi team league runner up war 2-0 preemption Shanghai women’s volleyball team of sina sports news Beijing time on January 16, the 2015-2016 season, the National Women’s volleyball team [microblogging] League runner up battle in the second round match in Shanghai ended. The main floor combat Shanghai Donghao Lansheng again straight three innings victory Bayi Shenzhen. In Game 5 wins and 3 of total score 2-0 lead, three innings score to 25-23, 25-20 and 25-23. Campaign in Shanghai the first stage is the main Zhang Yichan, Seine – Youxiqi, and Xu Jiujing font Zhu Huijing [microblogging], collusion Pawan setter Ji Xiaochen and free people Wang Weiyi. Bayi in the starting line-up as the main including Liu Yan and Wang Yunlu [microblogging], Chen Yao and font yuan Xinyue [microblogging], collusion, Wang Qi, setter quiet thinking [microblogging] and free people Huang Liuyan. The first game to start fast, sharp 81 pavan smash mistakes, 0-3 behind Shanghai. Another occasion, attack not shun the Bayi successfully mastered the initiative, in two technical suspended respectively to 8-4 and 16-9 larger advantage preemption. Zhu Huijing and Zhang Yichan, Wang Yunlu and Yuan Xinyue have the ball twice smash mistakes, Shanghai to 13-17. Zhu Huijing and Senna have Youxiqi block, Liu Yanhan was convicted of anti storm accomplishment, Shanghai 20 leveled. 21 flat after a Yichan attack force to help the team 23-21 counter ultra, Bayi bitten to 23-24 and Zhang Yichan breakthrough success, Shanghai 25-23 victory before the next city. The second inning start 1-3 behind Bayi spell serving pull into 3 flat, hit the probe Zhu Huijing, including Liu Yan spike was blocked, Shanghai 5-3 beyond. Bayi with fan Linlin replaced Liu Yan containing sweep after four and a 7-5 counter ultra, the Seine – Youxiqi lob succeeded Shanghai wheel, Zhang Yichan attack is thwarted, Bayi 8-6 lead into technology for the first time suspended. Quiet thinking the second ball was stopped Shanghai chase 9 flat, flat 12 Bayi storm and receiving have mistakes, Shanghai sweep 3 opened the score to 15-12. 13-16 behind the Bayi win 3 points for a 16 flat, 17 flat in Shanghai by the opponent’s mistake and won 2 points. Wang Qi and Wang Yunlu continued to attack frustrated, Shanghai will lead to expand to 22-18. Senna – Yossi Qiqiang attack to lock the score at 25-20, Shanghai to the next city. The third inning 0-2 Bayi by Zhang Yichan pass failure pull into 3 flat, flat 4 after Senna – Youxiqi 3 times a attack thwarted, hit Wang Yunlu attack, Bayi 8-5 lead into technology for the first time suspended. 5-9 backward Shanghai strong counterattack, pavan the storm and block, Zhang Yichan serve Shanghai 12-11 counter ultra have achieved. 14 level after the Senna Youxiqi attack succeeded and Pawan serve Jiangong, Shanghai in the second technical timeout leading 16-14. Wang Yunlu’s attack and a frequent mistake, Shanghai will pull the score to 20-15. Wang Qi attack improvement helped Bayi imminently to 21-22, opponents bite to 23-24, Pawan storm will score frames in 25-23, Shanghai again zero to seal the Bayi. The Shanghai foreign aid. Pavan scored 13 points, two main Yichan Zhang and Senna Yossi)