1Mei added a Reggie blowing camp! Reinforcements Messi is God’s miracle|Mei added a Reggie blowing camp! Reinforcements Messi is God’s miracle

Mei added a Reggie blowing camp! Reinforcements: "Messi is God’s miracle Turan La Liga debut play outstanding of sina sports dispatch on the weekend, Barcelona at home 4-0 win over visiting Granada, in addition to besides the hat trick, Messi is staged, finally ushered in La Liga debut of reinforcements Turan also acclaimed. Game has just reached the 8th minute, Tulane in the restricted area on the left side for Messi sent wonderful wearing crotch fancies pass, the latter overnight to break the impasse on the field, two people with the tacit understanding is evident. In the local Turkish newspaper Sabah interview, Turan also specifically addressed the Messi: "so far, I have never seen a player like Messi, he is the miracle of God, I like his performance on the pitch. I don’t envy of Messi, on the contrary, I feel very happy, for example, when he wore the crotch of others." Between the lines, "Mei blowing" style show. Last summer, Tulane to transfer fee of 41 million euros from Malaysia Jinglai to Barcelona, finally won the game right now. Now, the league and the Champions League competes into the second half of the key, is the key piece of Barcelona Turan will be defending three trophies. (Echo)