1Kobe memories of 81 points of the night do not know what happened at that time very strange|Kobe memories of 81 points of the night do not know what happened at that time very strange

Bryant recalled 81 night: don’t know what happened at that time what is very strange Bryant again recalling the 81 points in a magical night of sina sports news Beijing time on January 19, according to the Los Angeles Daily News, January 23, 2006, Kobe in the game against the Toronto Raptors cut 81 points, shocked the basketball world. After a lapse of nearly 10 years later, when Kobe recalled the classic battle again, he felt somewhat vague. "I really can’t understand or know what happened at that time." "That’s very strange," Kobe said in a 81 minute show." That game, the Lakers in the third quarter was 18 points behind. But then, Kobe got 51 points (the entire second half, he got 55 points), and led the Lakers to win. "It means that anything is possible." Kobe said, "when you play basketball, you will have a dream. Even if that dream is very crazy, but you work hard and believe that the night (81 points) is going to happen." 2005-06 season, Kobe became a crazy scorer, he was able to cut 35.4 points. At the same time, Kwame – Brown and Parke – his teammates in Simashen. "I’ll be on the court to get together." Kobe said, "no matter who I am, I’m a scorer. I will try to score. But in that special team, the score will be very difficult." The game nearly 10 years ago, Kobe in front of the Raptors want to score. Was the Raptors player, ESPN analyst Jalen rose has repeatedly pointed out the Raptors in the defense not to Bryant’s implementation package clip. "But the real question is, ‘why do you want to find a bag?’"" Kobe replied: "it is like you have a white flag on the defensive end (surrender)." (Rosen)