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Jinghua times: the deft fast gunman gunman "not" Western cancer "product – View – People’s network original title: the deft fast gunman gunman" not "Western cancer" the product is still in the period of the Republic of China, the legend of all corners of the country, is still the warlords and the Japanese disaster, pan Anzi again the lens pointing to the West. A "a tale of two cities account to fall into trap", "octahedral faces" and "real stone" two masters also the enemy also friends, staged a well matched cheat meter big game, the deft fast gunman gunman ", husband" stone Buddha "taking a backseat, fake" stone Buddha "Xiaozhuang big line of its road, not only with elegant agent Li Ruoyun staged a Indiana led, incidentally also talked about a soul stirring love. Also in the Western background story, mingled with cheat, thieves, thugs, warlords and various social elements, a trick planes because the gold of the Japanese warlords bribery of a wagon of the occasion, the male and female Indiana combination to to prevent the Japanese enable transfer of Yuxi slavery national work. Is still the friendship and love, fraud and strategy, jokes and humor, restoration and modern large collections, the nimble fast gunman gunman "is obviously increased the put into production, scene and gunpowder were substantially upgrade, to front-line action blockbusters to move closer to the ambition. Compared to a Richie, Tengger, Yvonne Yung and other Mesozoic to pick the configuration of the beam, the annual layer the deft fast gunman gunman "sense has been down, composed of" between "good" and "evil" CP "by the forest regeneration and Zhang Jingchu, in addition to the" stone Buddha "Stengel remains the same, Lian Wenghong gold three Niang post was replaced by actress Liu Xiaoqing. Liu Xiaoqing to join is not only stars, also brought a more forceful and mania show, bring instability to the actions of several master of deception, at the same time, also let comedy fineness increased sharply. Stars upward the deft fast gunman gunman ", the mission has also been upgraded, surrounded by related national totem of the decree, the Russian warlords, American forces and samurai turns Zuozhuang, forcing Indiana day mission even ran a lion’s den. Is so-called good prevails over evil, or the last true "Buddha" and glamorous agent Li Ruoyun "Goodfellas", not only with wisdom and courage to beat almost impossible to defeat the 731 Warriors also’s beat him at his own game crushed Japanese attempts to Chinese ancient pass country Yuxi dominate China’s wild heart. The deft fast gunman gunman "front in the Shanghai Film Festival" Media Award "unit screening evaluation Binghuo bipolar, many male judge of this kind of homebred Westerns scoffed, and screenwriter Li Fu Wang as the representative of Women Judges likes extremely, the two sides finally to a table of good food reached a settlement. Although the sequel theme has been a strong alternative forest update, is no longer a tailored to the Tengger, but he is still with "henpecked stone" gains "best supporting actor" award. Thus most of the judges this piece of recognition. Some people think that Pan Anzi is too affected by the scourge of the western United States, a series of two main western style, this is the Western cancer characterization. Personally, I think that there is no Western climate of China, although occasionally "no man’s land" and "strong west wind," that emulate or try, but can’t put appear Western scenes and elements of a Western movie button on the "Western cancer" large cap)