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Pass the playground renovation as a marathon students loiter outside the school playground class in new network transmission around the South playground stands still in Construction recently, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter noted in an interview with Chinese Media University, for students in terms of common playground, nearly three years to pass college students has become a "luxury", the reason is from September 2013 to February of this year, except individual rally time open for a short while, complete closure of other nearly three years of time; this month recovered only playground runway ground facilities, but students still cannot self by the playground into the exercise. Construction become the "marathon" completion time dragged on it is understood, in a total of two playground and a small, referred to as the "North parade" and "South exercises, including the North parade in 2 years ago by changing the purpose; general students exercise with South playground. The school of the South led transformation plan in September 2013 officially launched, the total planned construction area of more than 60000 square meters, after the completion of the new playground will in football, the 400 meter runway and a basketball court infrastructure movement, the underground will include parking, boiler room, rehearsal hall, three layers of underground space. However, a vision, though beautiful, in the eyes of the students, South playground into the the "never fall boots", the construction process is comparable to that of the "marathon", has been three years, after the 2013 September enrollment of students, university life has near the end, but not too a Hall "decent" class in sports. According to the University’s media reported that in March 2014, South parade for the first phase of the project basically completed, the school intends to in the year before the September 20th anniversary filled pit, and is expected to be completed by the end of 2014. But the South has not been completed on schedule, but dragged in September 2015 was used to hold the opening ceremony. When the students thought that the opening ceremony of the South will be officially opened, the school closed down south, the school is responsible for the relevant person in charge is expected to open in mid November, the response. However, the school in the middle of the school in the middle of November 2015 did not meet with the students as scheduled, but delayed until the end of February this year to allow students to enter the limited time in the physical education, students still can not be free activities. Yesterday, BYD reporter came to the south of Communication University of China, internal operating in the south of the football field, basketball court and the runway have to have PE lesson is open to students, but around the playground stands still in construction state, playground on the periphery of the iron fence also haven’t dismantle. Stands, there are still part of the seat not loaded on, just pile up in the stands on the aisle, back in the stand, a few construction workers in the construction, the ground piled marl, clay brick and other building materials, and the entrance to the underground car park is wire pile retaining a. Thus, the school is still in the south of the state is not fully completed. On the playground when fully open, many students still feel from smoke and mirrors". The school of broadcasting, a classmate say: "schools have always been in change south open time exercise, every time after we issued ‘until finally you’ sigh and delay opening time, do not know how long the distance to fully open." The students in physical education, the school playground school not only exercise Ceng Ting