1Guo Shengkun good anti-terrorism security during the current Spring Festival and dimensional stabili|Guo Shengkun good anti-terrorism security during the current Spring Festival and dimensional stabili

Guo Shengkun: current and during the Spring Festival of anti-terrorism security dimension and do a good job stability – Politics – People’s network people net Beijing on January 17, according to news website of the Ministry of public security, the national Anti Terror work leading group and the Ministry of public security today jointly held a teleconference meeting, the deployment of the current and the Spring Festival period anti-terrorism security stability maintenance work. State councilor, national anti terrorist group leader, the Ministry of Public Security Minister Guo Shengkun stressed that all localities and departments must to a high degree of political responsibility sense, detailed measures, pay close attention to implementation, and to ensure the effectiveness of, go all out to do a good job of current and during the Spring Festival of anti-terrorism security Paauwe steady work to ensure sustained overall social stability and people’s well-being. The meeting pointed out that the end of the beginning of the year is always a variety of cases, events, accident prone period, coupled with the recent major activities, the Spring Festival is drawing near, the security task arduous. All localities and departments to and enhance risk awareness, strengthen the bottom line of thinking, insist on advance planning, co-ordination arrangements, strengthen the prevention and control of social public security, in-depth investigation and resolve contradictions and disputes, seriously investigate and deal with cases of malicious arrears of wages, and resolutely crack down on all kinds of illegal and criminal activities, efforts from the source elimination effect of public security and social stability of the security risks. Meeting the requirements to fully understand the new changes and new characteristics of the current domestic and international counter-terrorism situation, conscientiously study and implement the anti terrorism act, to further strengthen the anti terrorist intelligence information, basic management, emergency response and other work, do early warning in the first, prevent earlier, playing early hit signs, to prevent the occurrence of terrorist incidents of violence, and earnestly safeguard the people’s life and property safety. To integrate all forces of resources, scientific adjustment service mode, have to to strengthen joint patrols, safety inspection, emergency Beiqin, mobilize the masses to carry out prevention and treatment, to build social security tight network. The meeting stressed that all localities and departments, especially leading cadres should with strong responsibility sense and pragmatic style of work, grasping the implementation of the fixed target, focus on the problem of catch fulfil, to strengthen the responsibility of implementation, to ensure that the work of the measures implemented, to see the results, effectively assume ensure a Fang Pingan, maintenance party stability of great responsibility. To decompose the various responsibilities and tasks, to implement the Department positions, strengthen supervision, inspection and guidance, strict accountability, so that the layers of conductive pressure, class compaction. Secretary General of the central political and Law Commission, the national anti terrorist work leading group leader Wang Yongqing attended the meeting. Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of public security, vice minister Fu Zhenghua presided over the meeting, Deputy Minister of public security, the National Counterterrorism office director Lee Wei for the work of the deployment. National anti terrorist work leading group member units, work contact units and the central authorities responsible comrades, the Ministry of public security in Beijing Party committee members attended the meeting. Provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps relevant responsible for comrades and Public Security Bureau of the main leaders in local venues to attend the meeting.