1Garcia want to join the Olympic Games Norman hope that Australia will win the gold medal – Sohu Spor|Garcia want to join the Olympic Games Norman hope that Australia will win the gold medal – Sohu Spor

Garcia to join the Olympic will Norman wanted Australia to win gold – Sohu sports Greg – Norman Sohu sports news, Beijing time on January 7, Spanish golfer Sergio Garcia in recently expressed himself to the Rio Olympics will support that golf into the Olympic Games for the sport of far-reaching significance. Although there have been known as the "golden boy", was seen as the best players in the world, but Garcia never meddle in the four Grand Slam events, at this moment, he hopes he can win a place in the run-up to the Olympic Games. Of course, in addition to him, the United States players Spieth, Australian players Norman – Greg are very important to the Olympic Games, Norman even hope that the Olympic Games gold medal winner is the Australian players. The top 15 men and women in the Olympic accounting list will automatically qualify for the Olympic Games. The entire squad is 60, with no more than four players in each country. Garcia is in the tenth place, which is very good for him to get tickets for the Olympic Games. In 2009, the golf and the 7 people together through the International Olympic Committee in Copenhagen conference, together with the 2016 Rio Olympic games. The Olympic Games is also following the 1904 Saint Louis, the first return to the Olympic Games, the Olympic family. "I’ve always been a big fan of the Olympic Games." 35 year old Garcia said in an interview. "I like sports, and I like to watch the games, especially in athletics, swimming, tennis and football. For a golf hand, you can see the same as the athletes on the Olympic Games, with all the athletes live in the Olympic Village, it feels so good, the meaning of the figure. At least I’m looking forward to this moment. In 2016 there will be a lot of things, we have the Ryder Cup and the Olympic Games, this is new and exciting for players." As early as Garcia, the world’s first American players Spieth – Jordan, although in 2015 won the United States masters and the U.S. Open, but he did the Olympic Games as the fifth Grand Slam events. Golf were part of the Olympic Games has caused widespread controversy in the high altar, many top golf players also published their own point of view, such as Australian golfer Adam Scott said don’t attach too much importance to the Olympic Games, not because of the Olympic Games to disrupt their established plan. Scott as the 2013 United States Masters champion, in November last year, also said he would not be too concerned about the competition. Two times British Open champion winner Greg Norman do not think so, he felt his compatriots should seize this opportunity, shine on the stage of the Olympic Games, to win the gold medal in the Olympic Games for the motherland. In view of the current situation, on behalf of the Australian expedition Olympic games players should is Scott and Jenson – Dai Yi, they in the accounting of the Olympic Games Championship ranked the second and ninth. "So far, the most important thing for me is which Australian players to participate in the Olympic Games." Norman, 60, said in an interview, "it’s really important right now"