1Expert domestic aircraft carrier soon or launch a number of optimization for the Chinese heart – the|Expert domestic aircraft carrier soon or launch a number of optimization for the Chinese heart – the

Expert: domestic carrier soon or launching a number of optimization for "Chinese heart" – the new network data figure: many J-15 carrier based aircraft in the "Liaoning ship for take off and landing training. Before the date, a group of users are suspected of being built in Dalian, China’s domestic aircraft carrier. The photo shows that the ship hangar, the ship bow, the ship stern, main part segments have been installed on the ship. The ship owners of the body may already nearing completion. Military experts in an interview with CCTV "focus today," said that according to the picture, the day’s first aircraft carrier made from water not far away. Although the aircraft carrier from the data on the Liaoning ship is not a big difference, but the command system, the core equipment and other optimized processing, put on the Chinese heart". With new aircraft carrier "Chinese heart" according to CCTV reported, in March, new development of related domestic carrier pictures constantly in the network was exposed, photo shows, the ship seems to have begun laying the flight deck. Du Wenlong, a military expert, said that there are two main types of construction of large ships: the construction of the total segment and the construction of a section. Total construction method is refers to in a shipyard, the way "building blocks", and gradually build each cabin, the final completion of the construction of large ships vast project. This method requires the construction period is longer. And block construction law is the modular construction, large ship is divided into multiple segments and in the different manufacturers build different segment, the final order in the assembly in the dock hoisting can be. This method can significantly shorten the construction period. "According to the pictures, in our country, a new indigenous aircraft carrier deck has been laid that hull basic building completed, launching from the day is not far away." Military experts Weidong said that after launching, the hull can leave the dock, on the edge of the pier outfitting, the installation of power device and superstructure, followed by habitat mooring test and sea trial and test all up to standard, will be installed. According to information released by the Ministry of defense had, displacement of the new carrier is about 5 million tons, the conventional power device, equipped with homebred annihilate – 15 and other types of carrier borne machine, fixed wing aircraft with a ski jump takeoff, the ship will equipped with meet the task needs of various types of equipment. From the Department of defense published data, the new aircraft carrier Liaoning ship is being built and not much difference between. Du Wenlong believes that because of our country did not complete the construction of a large aircraft carrier experience, so even with the new aircraft carrier Liaoning ship at the same level, but also has been a kind of beyond. "We can independently complete the construction of such an aircraft carrier, which shows that China has mastered the material manufacturing and processing of large aircraft carriers, the future can be built more aircraft carriers." Du Wenlong pointed out that the new aircraft carrier based on the ship in Liaoning on the basis of optimization. Command system, the core equipment, such as the use of the optimization process, rather than the use of Liaoning ship that an old system. "Look like Liaoning ship, but in fact, has been replaced by the Chinese heart." In addition, the number of new aircraft equipped with annihilate – 15 carrier borne machine is different and Liaoning ship, so the hangar and cabin design must also be adjusted. The formation of a new aircraft carrier combat force depends on the various factors can not be achieved overnight, so when the new aircraft carrier can form a combat force? Cao Weidong said,