1E formula supplier 300kW motor allows F1 to return to a thousand horsepower|E formula supplier 300kW motor allows F1 to return to a thousand horsepower

Formula e supplier: 300kW motor can let F1 return to 1000 horsepower Jaguar released the latest Fe car dispatch of sina sports world famous automotive systems and parts suppliers Magneti Marelli (Magnet, Marilyn Jones,) is responsible for motorsport director Roberto Dalla logo and electric equation formula e () can help F1 return to the level of 1000 horsepower. F1, who had been on the drive back last season to the 80s level of the survey, but the results show that the car may be difficult to control. The future of the rule engine is still under development, prepared on the 15 January FIA submitted a draft of the rules engine. The company will provide the Dallas Marilyn high-speed camera in the F1 season, to assist in the accident investigation. Dara claimed that F1 can use Formula E technology to achieve horsepower boost. In the field of motor car company Marilyn experience, to provide for the two Formula E racing team. "The challenge we face in E Formula is how to match the motor racing solution for 300KW. The future F1 can have a larger engine, a larger ERS (energy recovery system), if you need 1000 horsepower, then you should use the 300KW motor to replace the current 120KW motor. We are in the field of E Formula will be our technology to play the best, from a technical point of view, we are also able to work in a sustainable environment (F1 Technology), the gap between the two is not. We believe that one day the technology used in the E Formula will help the future development of F1." Dara said. Daala also said that "formula e will redefine the car electrical system, including voltage and equipment, which is F1 is not." "I’m sure F1 will use a similar experience," Darla said "I believe, the hydraulic system bid farewell to the F1 car is only a matter of time. And the experience we have gained from E Formula can be used not only in F1 but also in the electrical system of civil vehicles." (Koala)