1Diamond Engagement Rings-tips To Buy A Perfect Ring|Diamond Engagement Rings-tips To Buy A Perfect Ring

Jewelry-Diamonds Buying an engagement ring is one of the most daunting tasks especially for those people who are planning a surprise proposal. There are many things which you must consider. 4CS of Diamond The most important thing which you must consider before buying your diamond engagement ring is the quality of diamond. And you can determine the quality of diamond by understanding the 4CS of diamond which are cut, clarity, carat and colour. All these four factors help to determine the real value of diamond. But among all theses attributes cut of diamond is the most important factor. Cut determines the sparkle and brilliance of diamond. Always remember that a good cut will only ensure that the stone handles light well. Hence you must always pay for an ideal cut diamond engagement ring. You must also do a little research of clarity and colour of diamond. Styles of ring You can find many styles in diamond engagement ring but if you are getting confuse then you can select solitaire diamond engagement ring . Solitaire engagement ring is simple and classic and is very popular in todays trend. But if you want something unique then you can buy three stone diamond rings . You can find different styles in theses rings also and can easily select according to your specification. But before selecting any style the most important thing which you must keep in mind is the style and preference of your lady love. It is very essential to buy a style which looks good on her hand. Metal You must also think of the metal of your ring. In engagement ring the most popular choices in metals are platinum, white gold and yellow gold. But here the most important thing which you must know is the preference of your partner and your budget. And you can know about her choice by paying attention to the jewellery she wears daily. Before selecting the metal you must keep in mind that platinum is one of the precious metal and its whiteness will remain throughout its life. Size of ring finger Another most important thing which you must find out is the size of her ring finger and with a little detective work you can easily find her ring finger size. You can also guess her fingers size by considering her build up. And if you want then you can take help from her close relative or friend. Always remember that with a little research you can easily find a perfect engagement ring and can make your proposal the most romantic and memorable moment of your life. About the Author: