1Chinese liquor users satisfaction survey in the forefront of the Yanghe River Moutai|Chinese liquor users satisfaction survey in the forefront of the Yanghe River Moutai

At the dawn of Chinese liquor netizens satisfaction survey Yanghe Maotai ranks in the forefront of 2016, Chinese consumers newspaper and labor letter department of Electronic Science and Technology Information Research Institute of network public opinion research center, through the joint development of the "Chinese netizens consumer sentiment index data platform", jointly issued the "Chinese liquor brand users satisfaction top 40 list". Among them, Yang, Maotai ranks ahead of the second and third line brands of Luzhou, while Yang is absolute advantage to become best liquor in the minds of many Internet users. "Healthy + help Yang leading industry in early 2011, Yang has by virtue of its outstanding sales performance, in liquor industry return to the top three positions, and Maotai, Wuliangye together into industry" iron triangle ", the industry ranked first camp. Over the years of quarterly financial statement of listed company, Yang both sales and profits are much higher than the "iron triangle" of other brands, even Luzhou, Fenjiu, Gujing, brand performance indicators for the sum of all enemy, but Yang. The Yanghe River’s rise can become a sample of the development of the current liquor. In 2003, blue classic D-Will, quickly conquered many consumers taste buds is due to stand in the user’s point of view development and soft style liquor. And this year has also become an expert in the mouth of the first year of health liquor, since the Chinese liquor industry has begun to move towards a healthy development of the road. With the continuous development of the health of liquor, Yang’s sales by leaps and bounds, and word of mouth is also soared. In the survey often leading, in recent Internet users satisfaction survey can be topped the maximum power is also the point. Analysis of the long-term focus of Yanghe a wine business management person said, the definition of health of the Yang, and Yang defines the liquor. Health is the trend of the liquor industry, the reason why the Yanghe River will become the most satisfied users of the liquor brand, the biggest reason is the concept of its health." The industry also pointed out that the focus on the consumer, nurturing and research, the vast majority of liquor companies are certainly not as the Yanghe River". Because, the development course of Yang is a liquor gradually health Road, from the first blue classic to last year’s Yang micro molecular wine to upcoming Shuang’gou naked oats clear health liquor series, has been walking in the forefront of the health of liquor. Most times, the gas liquor is Yang can obtain so much the favor of the netizens, Internet era of brand development innovation ability of self is not to be ignored in the ring. Speaking of the Internet marketing liquor industry to do the best, and I want you to mind first thought must be the Yanghe River. As one of the first national "Internet plus" the slogan of the liquor business, the others were still hovering in the period when the Yanghe River had rushed out of his "+" speed. 2013, just the rise of Internet marketing, the Yanghe River was the first to set up the industry’s first Internet shopping APP – the Yanghe River 1, the micro shop is then open. Early 2015, Yang proposed annual plan of "dual core driven", namely "Xinye + industry" double drive, the so-called "industry", is refers to the routine work in extreme and persistent innovation Xin