1Brussels Airport terrorist attack third suspects arrested|Brussels Airport terrorist attack third suspects arrested

Brussels Airport terrorist attack the three suspects arrested original title: Belgian prosecutors confirmed Brussels International Airport terrorist attack bombing suspects arrested China News Agency, Brussels, April 9 (reporter shenchen) Belgian prosecutors on April 9 in the evening confirmed that the fugitive suspect Mohammed & middot of before one day arrested in Brussels Paris terrorist attacks; Abulini in Brussels International Airport terrorist attack bombings. Belgian prosecutors revealed that Muhammad & middot; A Brini questioned several rounds of forensic experts confirm having been involved in Brussels International Airport on March 22 terrorist attack bombing, he is to monitor the video "dressed in a light coat, wearing a dark hat" of the three suspects. Mohamed · A Brini also confessed that the day after leaving the Brussels Airport, he will be thrown into a light colored jacket trash, dark hat changed hands to others. Belgian prosecutors on suspicion of terrorist attacks and participate in terrorist activities on the grounds of Mohamed · A Brini formally filed a lawsuit. According to the investigation, Mohamed · and another two suspects in March 22nd at the Brussels Airport to create a terrorist attack, the other two suspects were killed on the spot. Muhammad & middot; A Brini in after the explosion to walk back to hide the Brussels urban area, until April 8 in Brussels Anderlecht SAR and the other four suspects together and were arrested. 31 year old Belgian people of Morocco Mohamed · A Brini also suspected of involvement in the preparation of terrorist attacks in Paris. Paris terrorist attack happened two days ago, France North of Paris a highway gas station surveillance camera to Abulini and Paris terrorist attack is the main suspect in the Salah & middot; Abdul & middot; Salam together. Last November 13th, a number of terrorist attacks in Paris, killing at least 130 people were killed and about 350 people were injured. This year on March 18, Salah & middot; Abdul & middot; Salam in Brussels arrested after, Muhammad & middot; Abulini becomes one of the main suspects of terrorist attack in Paris case at large. March 22 this year, Brussels International Airport and the headquarters of the European Union in the vicinity of Malbec subway station spate of bombings, the explosion killed 32 people were killed and more than 300 people were injured. Belgian prosecutors confirmed that Mohammed and & middot; another suspect that Abulini arrested along is Osama & middot; carat eyam, he allegedly involved in the Malbec subway station bombings case. It is reported that before the explosion, Osama & middot; carat eyam was shot by cameras and suicide attacks Khalid & middot; EL & middot; Bakelawei in together with the… (end)