1Abu Dhabi Sai Ferrer swept through the semi-finals will be Nadal|Abu Dhabi Sai Ferrer swept through the semi-finals will be Nadal

Abu Dhabi performances Sai Ferrer swept through the semi final will be A Nadal Ferrer (information chart) sina sports news Beijing time January 1st news, the United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi exhibition match on the first day of competition. Spain’s Ferrell in 55 minutes 6-1 6-1 swept the semi-final will challenge the Frenchman Jo Wilfried Tsonga, compatriot Nadal. The second race, Canadian Rao Niki 6-3 beat South Africa 6-4 Anderson, will compete for the final seat wawrinka. Ferrell and Tsonga play after 4 times, 3 wins and 1 losses ahead of the spaniard. The duel, Ferrell the first 3 break, 24 minutes when 6-1 win. Second, in the second Tsonga 40-0 lead case still lose serve. Ferrell resolute, once again achieved a 4-0 lead. Eventually he won the next 6-1. Ferrell in the semi-final opponent is Nadal. Another match was made between Anderson and Rao Niki, two. Each disc Rao Niki completed a break, and will keep at the end of the disc, the final 6-4 victory over rival 6-3. First, Anderson in the sixth inning to send out the double fault, Rao Niki breaks zhandexianji. The second set, the success of Rao Niki in the fifth inning break, won the victory. Canadian guy fate will be against the Swiss star Valinka. (Chen)