1A 62 year old female militia garrison 42 years had on observation foreign muzzle (Figure) – Beijing|A 62 year old female militia garrison 42 years had on observation foreign muzzle (Figure) – Beijing

A 62 year old female militia garrison 42 years of military muzzle had opposite observation whistle (Figure) – Beijing, Heilongjiang Province Heihe City Huang Qi Ying Zi observed long whistle whistle, female militia Shao Yuehua and whistle at the age of eighteen, 42 years adhere to. Wooden post and metal post, holding the post, she was there to witness the changes of border posts; sister whistle, mother and daughter whistle, husband and wife whistle, border post witnessed the frontiers of her loyalty — the north border, from youth to sixty watch March of Heilongjiang, still ice thousands of miles. In the middle reaches of Heilongjiang Aihui ancient city west of about 6 km, stands a tall post Linjiang, this is, Heihe City, Heilongjiang Province Huang Qi Ying Zi observation post. Early in the morning, 62 year old Shao Yuehua came to the post as in the past. Although now post has achieved video surveillance, although she has retired for two years, but she said, 42 years, be on sentry duty, has become a part of her life. A row of the left: female long whistle Shao Yuehua; row post: "sister whistle" witness Shao Yuehua (right) the elegance of the year; row left: "mother and daughter whistle" become a beautiful scenery in Heilongjiang; the lower right: "husband and wife whistle" in the local area for the elephants. (photo provided by Shao Yuehua) "and border guards to guard the common border, is our greatest glory." Huang Qi Ying Zi Cun close Heilongjiang. Most of the residents are the Eight Banners army is the descendants of Huang Qi, hence the name Huang Qi Ying Zi Cun. "It is our greatest glory to keep the border with the border guards." About the history of post construction, Shao Yuehua old road. In 1969, in order to make up for the lack of border defense regiment force, approved by the superior, in Huang Qi Ying Zi built militia observation post, belonging to a resident border even seven. Initially, people in the riverside chose two thick tree tree and take the middle board, built a simple observation post, people call it "? Look at the tree". In 1972, 18 year old Shao Yuehua, this can become the village barefoot doctors, but decided to participate in the women’s militia observation class. Maybe even she did not expect, this station, it is 42 years…… Just Shao Yuehua be on sentry duty, one out of every three people a group, each group consists of the Shanghai educated youth, Heihe youth, local youth. At that time it was called the "three combination". The Shao Yuehua sisters and the main task is to carry loaded guns, daytime observation Jiejiang, night on sentry duty. In the summer, the mosquito bites; the coldest days of the year, and piercing Jiangfeng, temperatures often in minus 40 degrees Celsius, and then the militias were not allotted fur coats, leather gloves, leather cap and big head shoe, Jiang Fengyi Chui, your whole body will be full of frozen through. At the time of the duty conditions and the environment is difficult, but the female militia concept is very strong. There is only one belief in their hearts: "stand for the motherland and the people post, don’t give the enemy an opportunity." No matter how cold it is, how much snow, how hard, never missed a class. Because many times to complete the task of superior to the superior, sister sentinel became the pride of the locals. At the end of 70s, the border situation once again tense. Standing on the observation post, through the telescope, can clearly see the other side of the two cannon muzzle is at the observation post. Relatives and friends advised Shao Yuehua not to stand watch, but she still stick to their posts, more seriously than usual. Interview Shao elder sister smile