19The Wizards headed giant paid endorsements early with harden his heart hurt.|The Wizards headed giant paid endorsements early with harden his heart hurt.8

The wizards with big headed giant paid endorsements early harden hurt his heart NBA experienced a crazy summer, to pay more to Sina world sports news Beijing time on August 26th, according to NBC sports news, Wizards star John – Waldo admitted in a recent interview he and partner Bill on the field after field hate each other trend. According to informed sources, the wall not only envy Bill this summer the maximum salary contract, he was also jealous of a $118 million contract to re sign the Rockets star Harden. According to an understanding of the idea of wal insider bluntly said: "there is jealousy problem wal. He is always jealous of those who make more money than he does." In fact, there are many players in the League next season’s salary than varga. In 2013, Wal Mart and the Wizards signed a 4 year contract for $84 million 800 thousand. But from now on, it’s a very cheap contract. When Reggie Jackson in the summer of last year and the pistons signed a $80 million contract, Waldo had publicly expressed his displeasure. Since then, the Rockets star Harden was reached with a well-known sponsor of a 13 year $200 million contract, but to provide a one-year $7 million 500 thousand endorsement contract the sponsor only for wal. According to YAHOO sports reported that Wal Mart rejected that quote because he wanted to get as much money and harden. A few months later, Waldo fired agent Dan Fegan, and hired Lebron James’s agent Ricci Paul. According to a NBA team of executives, the Rockets in the summer and harden re signed a 4 year contract for $118 million to brood on the wall. If this is the case, then it is conceivable that the wall of the wizards and Bill to renew a 5 year $127 million salary contract is what you feel. A broker said Wal Mart and Bill so described the current relationship: "what is the matter reported, it (severity) multiplied by 5, that is they (Walter and Bill) feel about each other. This could be a complete disaster." (Rosen)