19Li Jinyu so Yongchang play very well, hope player coach point (video)|Li Jinyu so Yongchang play very well, hope player coach point (video)6

Li Jinyu: so Yongchang play very well, hope player coach [] Yongchang 1-6 report points Suning Martinez curled the ball hit the door Teixeira hats sports Tencent September 11th 11 evening news in the twenty-fourth round, Shijiazhuang Yongchang home court 1-6 against Jiangsu suning. After the conference, Yongchang coach Li Jinyu said, the big score defeat themselves take full responsibility, the Yongchang players are well done, but the coach said. He believes that Yongchang played this game is not bad, as long as the team is playing like this, then there is hope for relegation. It should be said that this is a wonderful game, 1:6 big score defeat, especially at home, I take full responsibility. The players did very well, but the coach said." Li Jinyu said, but from the point of view of the game, we played well, after all, opponents seize all the mistakes we have made, and luck is not on our side. Anyway, we have to leave today, good things, we can not lose, tactics has been lost, this time we need to go through the team." Yongchang coach Li Jinyu is luck or strength, for this loses the game Li Jinyu said: "to be honest, this game is not the score reflects that a few times we have conceded are accidental, or from their own mistakes. We lost two penalty points, in fact, we have been looking for a penalty kick, but not particularly stable, even if we get a penalty of 1 penalties, the situation on the field may be a lot of change." Today, Yongchang with 20 points ranked first, but Li Jinyu believes that as long as there is hope for Yongchang to play this way: "the fans shouted don’t give up, really out of our mind, there is no time to the final verdict, the only way we can do is not to give up the last 6 rounds, as long as we like the spirit of this state today, although very difficult, but we still have a chance, we do not want to easily left behind." This game Li Jinyu again goes back 5, a reporter believes Yongchang’s early initiative some adventure, this Li Jinyu said: "the goal in the first half, we did well in the second goal before the situation does not change, and is more appropriate in advance. But the second half of the two penalty, 1:2 more and more opportunities, then the score forced us to have to take risks. Two of Jiangsu’s striker ability is very strong, they stay in the front, give us a lot of pressure. Luck is not on our side, the other side of the two goals is not a broken line is the venue jumped a bit, very sorry." (Han Jun)