18Real Madrid’s League winning streak C rushed forward Robert’s La Liga (video)|Real Madrid’s League winning streak C rushed forward Robert’s La Liga (video)0

Real Madrid’s League winning streak C rushed forward: Spanish Spaniard vs Robert’s stunning looking warships to flush the Milky Way Real Madrid 16 League wins! Real Madrid (data) league roster, C Robert out easco regression. Tencent September 18th sports news Beijing standard time on September 19th at 2:45 a.m., La Liga fourth round game against Real Madrid, spain. Real Madrid at La Liga winning streak, Robert C misses in pairs, Isko regression, J Ronaldo is expected to start, please pay attention. 1 races: Real Madrid Liga winning streak before three La Liga at victory, Real Madrid have scored 15 game winning streak across the season, tying the record in team history. If this can continue to win the footsteps, tied for the 2010-11 season Guardiola Barcelona (official data) winning 16 round of success, that is the history of La Liga record. The Spaniard has 17 consecutive league games against Real Madrid win, 3 draws and 14 losses, 17 fights is the team against the same team in La Liga history the longest winless record. Real Madrid last time away from the parrot, is October 2007 1-2, after 8 wins in the war, there are 6 games zero opponent. 2:C Ronaldo missed last season, 2 and 8 of the Spanish ball the Spaniard is C Luo of maximum prey on the season two round match, the team scored 8 goals, becoming Sara after the league in the history of the second single season in the face of the same opponent gains 8 ball striker in Cornella stadium, C Ronaldo staged a "slap trick" also in 2000 after the first trip to La Liga scored 5 goals. But this week’s Champions League game, C Luo suffered flu, the game will be a truce, before Zidane confirmed: "he will travel to Barcelona." 3: the return of Baer Baer’s absence, Isko week in the Champions League by Lisbon athletic defender Coates hit the hip, the same will be out. Fabio Coentrao has returned to training this week, because of leg injuries, he missed the 2016 European Cup, but it is not going to let him take you back, Isko injury list, but it is difficult to regain the starting position. "Aspen" disclosure, Lucas Vasquez and Asensio will replace Baer and C Ronaldo, Zidane will choose center in Benzema and morata, J Luo Ze in midfield, Cross et al to break. About J Ronaldo, like Zidane has hinted that it will start training: "the situation is very good, he will play, he is our important players, recently the state is very good." Before the voice of Zidane: "if BBC is in the 100% state, they will surely play, but C him a little sore throat, so no, Baer is a hip injury, we hit 1 games every 3 days, so not to risk them. I am used to season 30 to 40 games in the past, but now has 60, so have to prepare all the people, hope can help the players squad to maintain good physical fitness, with such a huge lineup is the lucky coach. Gas is still recovering, but I can’t get a specific comeback time, I hope he will come back as soon as possible." Real Madrid is expected to debut (4-3-3): Casilla; Danilo, Valane, Ramos, Marcello; Modri, Casey Milo, J Ronaldo; Lucas – Vasquez, Morata, Asensio (Cuchu)