18Knight steady! The rescue of three giant bench gun array without Trading (video)|Knight steady! The rescue of three giant bench gun array without Trading (video)7

Knight steady! The rescue of three giant bench gun array without transaction [collection] 93-100 James Knight 11 Hornets paratelum key three Tencent to kill the game sports news November 14th 100-93, the knight home court narrowly win the Hornets, continue to win, and to keep the first position to the east. The game in addition to music, James and Erwin are generally. But the bench guns turned out, the war changed. Sweet bothe the game before become Jones, JR suddenly because of a sore ankle sidelined because of veteran Dunleavy in his old age, was put into the starting. Perhaps the reason is due to infection, Dunleavy 6 cast only 1, the performance is not prominent. As for Erwin and James, the last section of the former was put on the bench, while the latter handed over 21 shots in only 8 of the transcripts. However, Erwin will be on the bench, not punishment, but substitute players really good performance. Sweet Alpert and Frye, two people together to cut 35 points, to save the knight. It is necessary to point out that the wasp combat is not weak, even in the game before the three day and the Knights fight zigzag. After all, they only lost 2 games before that. But all of this at the end of three the ball completely changed, Frye bombarded with investment, the Hornets instead cast die, Knight yuxianyusi. Seeing this statue of antiaircraft gun so brave, other players are all ahead of knight. Sweet Alpert outwire three points hit, Jefferson dragged the old bones. Kill inside layup is foul. If only the bench can still fly, drive a knight. On the one hand, fry itself well, last season by the veteran after the transaction, the Cavaliers general manager Griffin beamingly bluntly "have been watching fry for several years, and now finally got it"; on the other hand, the chemical reaction is due to the team. After all, last season with the team after winning, veteran like Frye so long acquainted his routine. This game, 9 voted 6 to get 15 points in addition to the defensive end incense Alpert, fierce offensive, is now gradually grinding out the shot. There is no doubt that he is moving towards the direction of high quality 3D. The big three in the first, the bench players gathered. This is the power of the Knights of the present, in fact for the defending champions, though, such as Noel Rubio like trade rumors as one falls, another rises. But in fact, they do not need to trade, because some transactions seem to enhance the strength, but in fact it will undermine the team has established a chemical reaction. Compared the two, but The loss outweighs the gain. From this point of view, the knight should also clear their own direction of construction. Retained at the same time, further strengthen mutual understanding between teammates and proficiency, may get more surprises. (Yang Weili) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.