18For the name of Marbury after the downturn Wolunsi Biao did not strive|For the name of Marbury after the downturn Wolunsi Biao did not strive7

For the name of Marbury after the downturn Wolunsi Biao did not strive to defeat the Guangsha team in Beijing, Marbury’s personal play just passable, the offensive play and efficiency has been questioned, but also because of this, Marbury even in the personal social platform, play apologized for my weak. But this time Marbury is Marbury, the team’s match against Zhejiang, changed the previous downturn, with its efficient attack and key points to help the Beijing team won the team to win, not only to achieve a more self redemption. From the point of view, the Beijing team won the Zhejiang team 15 points, but from the game process, the team is not easy to win in Beijing. Throughout the game, the first three day is always equal, and in this case, Marbury often at the crucial moment, the team cut the key points, which for the team to the final victory, and laid a solid foundation. It can even be said that if there is no time to come forward Marbury, Beijing team may have collapsed. For example, in the first section of the opening stage, the Zhejiang team played fast in Warren drive, and saw the team into a passive, Marbury for the first time to stand up and carry the banner of the team, the use of air layups, CIC and outside shot cut for 7 hours, so as to help the team quickly stabilize the situation. At the same time in the last paragraph of the first section, after Marbury was substituted, the Zhejiang team suddenly launched a campaign to expand the score advantage to 10 points. Can also be seen from the role of Marbury. In this case, team Beijing is the first continuous cut by Maurice, will be close to. Marbury then stood up, not only the exquisite pass continuous assists hit the three ball, more often into the inside attack. Under the Marbury drive, Beijing team not only tied the score, it is at the end of the half with 1 points ahead of rivals. Beijing has been able to do so, Marbury can not help. The next third sections, the fight is more stalemate. It is worth mentioning that, when he scored angry, Marbury did not want too sudden foreign investment scoring, and at that time, Marbury and Warren of Biao scoring process, did not strive. It is also because of the special contribution of Marbury in the first three quarters, to ensure that the Beijing team with the "wave flow" lock the victory in the final game. From the point of view of efficiency, Marbury’s performance is also very prominent. In the game, Marbury completed a total of 12 shots hit the ball, hit a high of up to 58.33% of the rate of 7. At the same time in this game, Marbury also sent 5 assists, helping Zhu Yanxi, Wang Xiaohui hit the three ball et al. So the game, scored 18 points in the 5 Marbury, although the data not bright, but the presence of the utility, but There is nothing comparable to this. But the Beijing team in this season’s title is still hot, a large reason is that they have Marbury. (Ai Rui)