17Shikoku – China U19 National Youth 1-3 Mexico 1 wins and 2 losses of third (video)|Shikoku – China U19 National Youth 1-3 Mexico 1 wins and 2 losses of third (video)8

Tournament – China U19 youth 1-3 Mexico 1 wins and 2 losses by third [collection] U19 youth 1-3 defeat to Mexico at the last moment, Hu Jinghang staged a wonderful break in September 13th Beijing sports Tencent lost green time 19:35, 2016 Qujing international youth soccer tournament final round of battle. Chinese U19 national youth team lost to Mexico 1-3 U19 national youth team, won the tournament third to 1 wins and 2 negative results, the Mexico team won three matches. The Iran team final round 5-1 victory over the Kazakhstan team, with 2 wins and 1 runner up, Kazakhstan team ranked fourth in three games are negative. The tournament, the national youth team opener 2-4 defeat Iran, war 3-0 victory over the Kazakhstan team; Mexico team before the two were 6-0 and 2-0 rout of Kazakhstan beat Iran, two matches without losing a ball and ranked first. Eleventh minutes on the right side of the penalty area after Weichen Ning ball kicker hit the door, that Antu will rescue the ball in the box line. Twenty-first minutes, Yang Liyu in front of the pick Road, from the earthquake area before her long-range slightly wide. Twenty-sixth minutes, Tian Yu restricted area on the right side of the bottom line in the vicinity of Guo mistakes after Aguirre steals the ball, inverted triangle return road closed area, Cisneros ball tuishe, 1-0, the Mexico team took the lead. Thirty-fifth minutes, the national youth team midfielder with mistakes, Lopez from Yang Liyu foot ball after ball break into the box at the top of the arc cross knock, Antu that keep up with a low shot once again ripped through the national youth team goal, 2-0, the Mexico team to expand the lead. In the first half, the national youth team 0-2 behind. Forty-sixth minutes before Aguirre left lateral the ball to the edge of the area shot slightly higher than the beam. Fifty-fourth minutes, Aguirre left the ball to break through the restricted area before the continuous past two national youth team, curling the ball hit the door wide of the right post. Sixty-fourth minutes, a wide range of Mexico transferred to the front right, the Antu qiuhou volley. Sixty-seventh minutes, just substitute Kevin right break to the bottom near the cross, Huang Chuang cave, Aguirre Young ball header, Mexico team leading 3-0. Eightieth minutes, yellow red midfielder sent straight biography, Cao Yongjing put on the edge of the area shot wide on the right side of the post. Ninetieth minutes, the national youth team won the right front kick, Cao Yongjing xiechuan restricted road, with single header over the bar, he landed when the injured were unable to adhere to the game change. Ninety-third minutes before Gao Huaze left the middle cross into the restricted area, the first point is the Mexico rescue team, the national youth team again after the ball pass, Hu Jinghang area before low shot, 1-3, the national youth team pulled a ball. Finally, the national youth team lost to Mexico 1-3 team. The starting lineup Chinese U19 national youth team goalkeeper Li Zheng defender:: 12-: 14- Yao Daogang, 4- 6-, Huang Chuang Wei Guo, 24- Tian Yu (fifty-sixth minutes midfielder 27- Tong Lei): 10- source, 17- Yang Liyu Zhang (seventy-first minutes 20- Gao Huaze), 7- 25-, 8- Cao Yongjing, Liu Yue Cong earthquake (seventy-first minutes 15- Hu JHS) striker: 23- Ning Weichen (seventy-first minutes (ninety-second minutes with 18- single 19- Gao Haisheng) Mexico))