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Serena: competition and training is still not fully my opponent is a fighter – Sohu   Serena: sports; competition and training is not enough the United States, New York in July this year, she was on top of the world at the all England club. After successfully won the seventh Rosewater dish, she tied for 22 Grand Slam singles championship record, once again become the focus of people’s attention. But after winning just 24 hours, the world first felt the pain from his shoulder. "It’s ironic, I feel my shoulder attack day is the day after I won the Wimbledon doubles finals." Serena Williams in the U.S. before the conference said: "I thought: How did I win?" Injury worries around Serena in the U.S. Open series, forcing her to have to exit the race for Rodgers cup and Cincinnati station. During her efforts to participate in the Olympic Games in Rio, but due to poor state, the third round out early. "That night I knew I had done my best, but it wasn’t enough. The Olympic Games meant a lot to me, but I didn’t start training until two days ago. The result is not ideal, but I have tried my best." This is not an ideal state, Serena to come to their own occupation career winning the first Grand Slam, but her desire is very strong. Current US, if Serena can win, so she is not only to a total of 23 Grand Slam singles champion beyond Graf, but also to the US seven crown legend record over the history of the U.S. evert, became the most winning female player. "I don’t play enough, I don’t have enough training, but I feel better and better now. I hope I can be a little better every day." In any case, Serena must stand on Fala Sheng court to accomplish all of this. Her first round opponent is myself two years ago in the semi-finals, Maarova had defeated the Russians, has harvested a tennis women’s doubles gold medal in the past Olympic Games in rio. "It won’t be an easy game for both of us. I know she’s good. I’ll do my best." Maarova and his partner Vesnina since 2000 third won the Olympic gold medal in tennis women’s doubles combination, and the 2000, 2008 and 2012 of the three Olympic Games in the women’s doubles gold medal belonged to the Williams sisters. "Maarova is a fighter, never give up. What impressed me most was that she was able to save most of the ball. Maybe you don’t think she’s fast enough, but she always succeeds." However, even some difficult situation at present, Serena in the conference still shows low confidence, she knew that her best, never too far away from her. "I am very good serve Wimbledon this year, feeling is like ACE can send out a kind of. It was just two months ago, not far away."