17O’neal draft insider exposure Magic almost missed the shark (video)|O’neal draft insider exposure Magic almost missed the shark (video)2

O’neal: the magic draft insider exposure for one thing almost missed the shark invincible how lonely low O’neal Lakers period assault collection Author: ESPN senior writer Jackie MacMullanESPN senior editor 000 Hin, editor Li Qiushi compiled the 1992 NBA draft lottery lottery conference has 11 teams in their respective special shirt on a person’s name: Shaquille · O’neal. The big shark was only 20 years old, from Louisiana State University. The slender young man, from the days after the hall of fame status is still very far away. O’neal was chosen as the champion of magic "that can be said to be a" Shaq "draft." Orlando magic executive vice president Pat Williams recalls ·. At that time, the Sherlock Hornets had just picked up the first season with a top pick off the Larry ·. A year after the summer, when the Hornets coach Alan · Bristow wore a year ago through the draft day suit and tie to the draft lottery site. On the other side, the Dallas Mavericks owner Donald · Carter is wearing a top hat edge bucket size, dotted with stone langya. Draft results released before he caressed those Langya, side urged the magic of Williams also touch and feel. Williams himself did not bring any luck to the scene. Williams squeezed the Langya, found what like carved. Carter explained that it is Braille "Shaquille" a few words. Unfortunately, Carter Langya did not bring good luck to him, the Mavericks won only four to sign, after they signed Jimmy · Jackson. In Minnesota locked the overall pick, second place and opportunity for the champion Sherlock Hornets and Orlando magic. "When the draft draws to an end, each team knows its own order, and you can hear the sound of O’neal’s shirt tucked back into the bag at the scene." Williams recalls. The magic team selected the top 9% only a probability, but they are lucky enough to get the champion. At this time the celebration of the Williams but found a big trouble. O’neal’s agent · Laiaonade; Amatore that Orlando pumping champion after the signing, did not indicate whether O’neal would play for Orlando. "Amatore is very stubborn, he won’t even let us contact O’neal." Williams said. Amatore hope O’neal can play for the Lakers, but Williams made it clear that they will not trade potential star players like O’neal. On the third day after the draw, O’neal was finally willing to visit Orlando. The magic team arranged a private plane to pick up O’neal, his father, Philip, ·, and his brother, Jamal, and Harrison. "His brother was only 12 or about the age of 13. We arranged a lot of activities for O’neal, so I arranged for Jamal to rest at my house. My children are at home. They can swim or play basketball together." Williams recalls, "Jamal was at my house.