17Monfils three Lectra pul career first advance us open semi-finals (video)|Monfils three Lectra pul career first advance us open semi-finals (video)1

Monfils three Lectra pul first career promotion us open semi-finals highlights: Monfils ball turnovers network outlet! Tencent sports in September 7th, 2016 U.S. Open tennis tournament continues to be held on the ninth day. The men’s singles No. ten seed, the French star Monfils and Nadal Kepler round staged derby". After the final three sets of fighting, Monfils to 6-4, 6-3 and 6-3 win, occupation career first advance to the semi-finals of the US open. Monfils Monfils is currently in the championship game focus on the top eight, had won the championship in the Washington game, Fala entered the park after Sheng showed strong fighting force, to lose a score of third to qualify for the US Open quarterfinals. In this round of the game, Monfils’s opponent was fellow puller, the latter five sets round victory over Spain king Nadal, following Wimbledon Grand Slam quarterfinals reentry. This is the open era, first appeared in two French for us open semi-finals of the situation, the two sides met earlier only last year in the first round of the Australian Open, Monfils was the five set victory. The first game, Monfils completed the key to break in the seventh inning, hold the lead in the tenth inning to win the ball wins disk Bureau after the first victory. A game, Monfils third best first break, then set the end stage again cash break point to the next city. In the third game, Monfils still feel hot, fourth completed the key break, eventually hold leading win to advance to the semifinals. Technical statistics of game time 2 hours and 01 minutes, Monfils advantage in the service areas was obviously, the No. ten seed Nadal defeated the last round draw lessons, serve to strengthen the attack to destroy the Doppler receiving, the game in the ACE ball, scoring rate and two scoring rate, Monfils remains a leading. At the same time, winning points of comparison, unforced errors of two items of data, Monfils play a more outstanding, and ultimately the whole play better Monfils win. The game the first game, pul opening first serve, the French successfully completed baofa. In the second inning, Monfils also showed service skill, even three hours to serve. Third, Poole sent back the ball out of bounds break points, but Monfils failed to seize the opportunity, to move the ball back to the quality is not high, to break the differentiation solution of Doppler volley crisis, implementation of security scare. Then the three game, the two sides each hair, the score came to 3-3 flat. On the field of security stalemate was broken in the seventh inning, Monfils bottom line multi shot line hit winners to extract a break point, followed by continuous suppression caused by Doppler error first break, then even four points Paul made the eighth inning, Lianpo with Paul 5-3 achieve the score superiority, and to hold the lead in the tenth inning win under the ball wins disk bureau to win xianbatouchou to 6-4. The second game, after opening the first two games of their own security, Monfils outstanding in the third inning to get angry, rallies caused Poole to return the ball turnovers to extract a break point, then the first to seize the opportunity to break, and even four points Paul made the fourth inning, in order to achieve a 3-1 series lead. Despite the subsequent attempts to complete the impact puller back breaking, but Monfils)