17Kazakhstan weightlifting champion cancelled two Olympic gold medals for undetermined time|Kazakhstan weightlifting champion cancelled two Olympic gold medals for undetermined time0

Kazakhstan weightlifting champion cancelled two Olympic gold medals for undetermined time Elaine Olympic Games in London in November 23, Xinhua news agency, Astana (reporter Zhou Liang) Kazakhstan Olympic Committee confirmed 23, has been the review results about Kazakhstan weightlifting athletes doping Iraq forest and the penalty notice from the International Olympic Committee, the International Olympic Committee has decided to cancel in the Beijing Olympics and Elaine the London Olympic Games two gold medals and cancel the obtained in the two Olympic Games results. International Olympic Committee said in the notice, the International Olympic Committee according to the disciplinary committee to participate in the Beijing Olympic Games and the London Olympic athletes left A and B two kinds of doping samples of the review results, decided to cancel the Elaine has made in the two Olympic Games achievement and to recover its won two Olympic gold medals. As for how long it will be Elaine suspended, will be decided by the international weightlifting federation. In Beijing and London Olympic Games, Elaine won two consecutive men’s 94 kg weightlifting champion. Because of re doping test samples left in the 2012 London Olympic Games on the detected prohibited ingredients, four Olympic weightlifting champion in Kazakhstan in June this year by the International Weightlifting Federation suspended and was banned from the Rio olympics. In addition to Elaine, was suspended for the athletes have the women’s 53 kg class Zur Faye A, women’s 63 kg class Maneza and the women’s 75 kg class wave Bedova. In order to increase Anti Doping efforts, the government of Kazakhstan earlier this year set up an independent Anti Doping Committee, its members, including government officials, representatives of non-governmental organizations and sports. The main purpose of the committee is to prevent domestic athletes from taking stimulants and to protect honest athletes. The Kazakhstan Olympic Committee said in a statement 23, the implementation of zero tolerance policy on doping athletes, how to protect the innocent and not doping athletes is the International Olympic Games and Kazakhstan Olympic Committee duties, responsibilities, Kazakhstan IOC will as in the past to combat doping behavior.