17Chelsea lore hero once again to save the team Conti for his innocence|Chelsea lore hero once again to save the team Conti for his innocence8

Chelsea lore hero once again to save the team Conti for his innocence Costa save Chelsea (data) Tencent sports news September 12th away to Swansea, although Chelsea lost two points, but it is the last time Costa’s goal for the team unbeaten, and 4 against Swansea he scored 7 goals, is worthy of the name "Swansea killer". Today, Costa’s first goal came on eighteenth minutes when the Swansea players in the area of continuous headed siege not far, Oscar got the ball back to goal after cross knock, plug Costa right foot fire alert, the ball struck the goalkeeper hand drill into the bottom right corner. Costa had the chance to open two degrees in forty-third minutes may, William was out on the left corner, Terry will be a ball hook behind the goal point Costa has close mianduikongmen, but his right foot arch pocket shoots actually kicked the ball to the other side. Costa wonderful barb even before the end of the first half of missed opportunity, but when the Swansea second 3 minutes into the two ball, Chelsea needed a goal tie and even counter ultra score, and Costa stood out at the crucial moment — eighty-first minutes Ivan restricted the right shot was deflected up, facing the high fly ball. A small area on the left Costa volley hook shot, this beautiful goal also tie the score. Costa of the game a total of 5 shots, 3 shots and scored 2 goals, and his last on the road the plum to open two degrees, actually dates back to January 2015, also came against Swansea, Costa scored two goals to help the team win 5-0. Although Chelsea did not get the 3 points today, but the performance of Costa, the media still have a thumbs up, "the Daily Mail said:" Costa to save the team, he finally scored 1 points to help Chelsea." ESPN said: "when Chelsea needed someone to stand up again, Costa came out again to be a hero." "Goal net" gave him the highest 9 points: "the Spanish striker is in the best condition, with two goals he destroyed Swansea’s defensive line." The first two rounds of the season against West Ham and Waterford, Chelsea relied on Costa lore to get 3 points, today it is his goal to help the team to get 1 points, although before Conti warns Costa to "convergence temper", but to see the love on the court today by the "treatment", Conti can not help but dabaobuping: "Costa was the other from first minutes to ninety-fourth minutes, the defender was not sent off, this is really incredible." For Costa’s performance today, Conti also said: "I am very satisfied with Diego (Costa) was happy, after the end of each game, you have asked me for his patience and field behavior today, I can tell you that he is the person has been playing." (anckie)