17Cai Yingwen Double Tenth speech did not mention the 92 consensus Island dissent|Cai Yingwen Double Tenth speech did not mention the 92 consensus Island dissent0

Cai Yingwen "Double Tenth speech" did not mention the 92 consensus Island dissent original title: Cai Yingwen "Double Tenth speech" did not mention the 92 consensus Taiwan Island dissent Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reporter Hu Jing photography Beijing October 10 Xinhua comprehensive Taiwan media reports, the Taiwan area leader Cai Yingwen today issued a "Double Tenth speech", Taiwan the parties raised objections. Among them, the part of the cross-strait relations involved in the speech of Cai Yingwen, KMT chairman, former leader of the Taiwan region, such as Mr Ma Ying-Jeou, who did not mention the 92 consensus on the question of the. Cai Yingwen talk about cross-strait relations without mentioning the 92 consensus questioned the "agency" report, according to Cai Yingwen’s "double" conversation, KMT chairman Hong Xiuzhu through the press release said, to secure the well-being of people in mind, rather than bring people to a troubled future. Hong Xiuzhu said, the past 8 years in power, the foundation for the stable development of cross-strait relations will is to abide by the "92 consensus", but Cai Yingwen and the DPP, so far still do not give up the belief and platform of separatism, regards Taiwan as independence "backdoor listing" tool only, the lack of sincerity, quite different the basic political stance already for the people see, how it is possible to create a foundation for cross-strait peace? The cross straits relations into the enemy confrontation relationship, to Taiwan to have what benefits? "Central News Agency" to "Ma: respecting 92 talks on how to deny the 92 consensus" reported, Ma Ying-Jeou said the office denied, if the relevant consensus status will not be maintained, it is difficult to avoid the outside reading of Cai Yingwen repeated "status quo" commitment is only an empty slogan. "Wang Bao" reported, Pang Jianguo Institute of Taiwan Culture University Professor Lu believes that Cai Yingwen in the cross-strait policy speech, or a kind of one-sided propaganda, and still take a delaying tactic". Liao Daqi, Professor of politics at Zhongshan University in Taiwan, pointed out that the conversation with the inaugural speech in May 20th, the difference is not big, but also continue to mention the 92 consensus of the". Cai Yingwen talk about innovative economists: unresolved immediate dilemma, the Central News Agency reported that Cai Yingwen said to change the plight of young people, and put forward 5+2 industrial development plan. Many economists believe that the need for long-term development of innovative economy, short-term consolidation of the existing advantages and the development of public construction, in order to enhance economic growth. Taiwan "Centre College" Taiwan Economic Research Center Director Wu Daren Cai Yingwen said, "ten" proclamation and 5· 20 inaugural address is not much difference compared, although the proposed "5+2" industry development plan is an important part of Taiwan, but he is not too optimistic about the effect of individual of the future economic development of Taiwan the. The cultivation of innovation ability is not a little money left from the industry continue to increase investment to be out, "Wu Daren said, which requires at least 10 to 20 years of education and social atmosphere change can, in the short term to achieve the expected results is very difficult, but may benefit the industry manufacturers, the new authorities have seen this problem but, not to worry about an antidote against the disease. Cai Yingwen about the New South Taiwan policy view Jun