16Mourinho Legend spray didn’t do anything useful with Van Gaal no difference – Sports Sohu|Mourinho Legend spray didn’t do anything useful with Van Gaal no difference – Sports Sohu0

Mourinho: Legend spray didn’t do anything useful with no difference – Van Gaal Mourinho: Sohu sports legend sprayed with Van Gaal did not distinguish streak of the competitions, the player publicly criticized the poor performance, and now the pot thrown to the former head of Van Gaal Mourinho, this time can be described as a "heady". Once with the French team won the world cup in 1998 Dugary bluntly, the Portuguese coach has lost its role in recent years. At the same time, he also believes that Ibrahimovic such players are not suitable for the premier stage. In my impression, Mourinho once in a tactical success, or leading the international Milan in the Champions League, Barcelona (2009-10 season, inter in the Champions League semi-final eliminated Barcelona, and ultimately crowned three trophies). He may have won some titles since then, but I think he has lost his role, he believes he is more important than the team." "From a tactical point of view, I don’t think he did anything useful. In addition to the changes in the players, in terms of the coach, Manchester United is now the same season as Van Gaal. Mourinho is always complaining about the good luck of the referee or the opponent, but he has never been criticized." Dugary also talked about Ibrahimovic, he believes that the Swedes too static style of play, fast-paced misfits with the Premier League, "Ibrahimovic is a cone, although people always talk about his data, but he is a cone. When you go to see his game, you will find that it is not possible to do this, where the football is played, it is 2000 kilometers per hour." (of water)