15Samsung Note7 of the United States two times Chinese user compensation return gave $25|Samsung Note7 of the United States two times Chinese user compensation return gave $254

Samsung Note7 of the United States two times Chinese user compensation: return gave $25 local time on February 27, 2016, the United States of New York downtown Washington Street No. 837, a three floor of the flagship store, called the Samsung 837. Oriental IC data Samsung Note7 battery fire door is also the aftermath of the incident. U.S. local time on October 13th, Samsung Electronics and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced the recall of all Samsung Galaxy Note7 products sold in the United States, the scale reached 1 million 900 thousand. So far, CPSC statistics, Galaxy Note7 products have occurred in the United States 96 battery fire accident. Surging news reporter learned from the announcement of the news released by Samsung Electronics, CPSC approved by the United States Note 7 recall program, all Galaxy Note 7 devices can refund or exchange other Samsung smart phones. US consumers can choose one in two ways, from the beginning at 3 pm EST on October 13th, Note 7 returns: first, if users choose to exchange for other types of intelligent mobile phone Samsung brand, will receive a maximum of $100 coupon. The second option is that if the user a full refund, or buy other brands of smart phones, then you can get a total of $25 coupons. These two policies are clearly better than the policy to give Chinese consumers back. October 11th, Samsung launched Note 7 recall program in mainland china. According to the state quality inspection administration official website disclosure, Samsung (Chinese) investment company limited to the State Quality Inspection Administration filed a recall plan, the decision since October 11, 2016, recall sales in mainland China all SM-N9300 Galaxy Note 7 digital mobile phone, a total of 190984 units (including the September 14, 2016 announcement for the first time the recall of 1858 sets of products). The recall also has two kinds, one is free for consumers to replace other types of new Samsung mobile phone, and refund the difference between the two products, gift coupons 300 yuan; two is in accordance with the original price to buy a full refund, and recycling products. In other words, the first choice of Chinese consumers will receive a 300 yuan discount, but the choice of the same way U.S. consumers enjoy a discount of $100, equivalent to 670 yuan. The choice of second types of recall of Chinese consumers, only refunds, no more compensation, U.S. consumers can get about equal to 168 yuan compensation. Not only the United States, Samsung’s recall policy in South Korea is also significantly higher than china. In South Korea, Note7 S7, Galaxy Galaxy the user if the replacement of Note5 intelligent mobile phone Samsung brand value, can enjoy up to 100 thousand won concessions, equivalent to about 595 yuan, return or replacement of the intelligent mobile phone of another company can get the value of 30 thousand won coupons, equivalent to 198 yuan. The stock market investment perspective, trading post, forecast, Niugu capture, as in the micro signal [Phoenix securities];