154 year old man was unexpectedly pregnant hospital has apologized – Sohu news|54 year old man was unexpectedly pregnant hospital has apologized – Sohu news

54 year old man physical examination should be "pregnant" hospital has apologized – Sohu news 54 year old man physical examination unexpectedly pregnant? Hospital: automated data system analysis caused by has apologized, Libo County, Qiannan 54 year old Mr. Deng and his colleagues to Guizhou people’s Hospital for medical examination, staying for two weeks to get a medical report, Mr. Deng a stomach fire. The report shows that Mr. Deng actually had pregnancy reaction. Mr. Deng believes that this is obviously a mistake in the hospital, the hospital should give a statement. In March 9th, Mr. Deng to reporters showed the "health examination report". Report the registration date for December 21, 2015, record the time of Mr. Deng did ECG, blood lipids, cholesterol and other checks. Among them, the first is the physical examination project "ECG -30°", second for medical advice. It is suggested that: "under physiological conditions, obesity and pregnancy can be seen in the pathology of left ventricular hypertrophy…… And recommendations such as palpitation, palpitation, chest symptoms should go to the Department of Cardiology for treatment." Mr. Deng said, "how can I have a pregnancy reaction, it is too strange." He twice to the hospital call to reflect this, think hospital common mistake occurs should not, the hospital should seriously deal with the problem and give a statement, "hospitals should improve the level, after the medical staff more responsible is." March 9th afternoon, the reporter interviewed the people’s Hospital of Qiannan City, the person in charge of the physical examination center. The person in charge said, physical examination report is divided into several parts, part of the physical examination project and data, and the other part is to show the physiological and pathological conditions of the data and the hospital’s recommendations. And "pregnancy" is just to explain the "ECG axis left -30°", not for Mr. Deng, "the problem is indeed the work of our work." The responsible person said, in the system, for partial -30° ECG left axis; this type of examination data, system will automatically jump for the physiological condition of this kind of data "obesity, pregnancy, but in male report" pregnancy ", is indeed justified. This is a hospital not timely to delete the cause. The person in charge said that after Deng call, the hospital immediately on the report of the software to change, some of the content of the dispute was improved, and to explain and apologize to mr.. The person in charge also said, very grateful to Mr. Deng on the work of the hospital’s request, the report will be more stringent after the day. (Mo Han)