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150 thousand yuan to fix four independent rear suspension joint SUV recommended [Pacific Automotive Network (micro-blog) guide editor Channel] as people get a better understanding of cars, the advantages such as low prices, high configuration, large space etc. this broad have been hard to impress the buyers of the car, people require more and more specific. For the purchase of SUV, the chassis is a very important part of the. In the field of household 150 thousand yuan joint venture SUV, more models chose non independent torsion beam rear suspension, because on the one hand, subject to cost constraints, on the other hand, can provide a good space in the back, Why not?? But there are a number of joint ventures in the domestic SUV chassis suspension seriously, this is who value independent buyers to provide more choices. The new Yeti test comparing ix25 _ Chaoqing Obama met tough new car assessment network car home car Sina YYP Yan the recommended four grade 150 thousand joint venture SUV, in addition to the common and affordable home, have independent rear suspension is also one of the highlights of their. Now the price of the car has not only reflected in the space, configuration and price, the control of such details such as hanging to show the price, but also to win the favor of many buyers. Especially at the Chengdu auto show, Skoda YETI and Jeep free man (ginseng, pictures, and push the new inquiry), respectively is the Skoda YETI version and the 1.4T brothers free man version of kinetic energy. Next we will look at these new cars have what highlights. Recommended models of the official price: 12.98-20.98 yuan recommendation models: the 1.4TSI version of the 159 thousand and 800 brothers promotions: cash discount 15 thousand yuan Skoda launched Yeti version is based on the existing brothers before version adds leather steering wheel, leather seats, reversing radar, 8 inch large screen in the control configuration, make up for many deficiencies before this version of the collocation does have a very high price. Appearance, brother version of the model does not change, the configuration is to further enhance the competitiveness of models. Skoda Yeti is a small SUV in joint venture is a personality of A. Yeti styling is the founder, to bring people a wonderful and elegant feeling, also won’t let people feel old or outdated. In the design or the Skoda family design style, square box body is more SUV for the car feeling, at the same time the space design brings is also worth looking forward to. On the interior, Yeti is still a popular style, and not as bright as the appearance, but the interior work is still guaranteed. Three spoke steering wheel feel good collocation, barrel type instrument panel, with some rules in the activity, is also in line with the small SUV that youthful style. The Yeti brothers version of the configuration at first sight although quite satisfactory, but in the security configuration is not a vague. Functional configuration is also more emphasis on practicality, a lot less flashy without substance on the market, starting from the consumer’s point of view, further close to their lives)相关的主题文章: