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The doctor said | Wei feet, you may not choose the right shoes – Sohu Sohu Ganding bamboo paper health experts interviewed: Tan Dong, rehabilitation therapists, American Heart Association AHA tutor, two public nutritionist and senior masseur, accepted the international physical training treatment clinical guidelines for American Ford Jonas rehabilitation center movement held by University of Southern California the "". Bachelor of Science in sport rehabilitation and health, Beijing Sport University. Former national speed skating team rehabilitation division for the Sochi Winter Olympics, the National Women’s handball team rehabilitation division, the Danish National Youth Basketball Tournament China physical therapist, 2014 was a basketball star Marbury rehabilitation for the CBA finals. There are rich clinical experience in rehabilitation after sports injury, joint replacement and ligament reconstruction. Now at the Singapore Parkway medical. Repeatedly turn, depends on who? The doctor told the Sohu health reporter, first of all, the body itself some structural characteristics determine the people get cramps: from the bony structure, the ankle joint plane us is unstable, easily inverted. In addition, the medial ligament foot stubby, lateral ligament is long and thin, easy to fall down. In addition, with the ankle muscle strength is concerned, a lateral foot muscle is relatively weak and lax like rubber, the bearing capacity will decline. Finally, easy turn is also affected by the proprioceptor. Proprioception is located in the nerve, bones, muscles and ligaments, and so on, we feel the speed, direction and space in the process of movement, so as to control the adjustment of muscles. This kind of sensor is used in the waste, its function will be more sensitive in adolescence, with age, gradually reduced. Proprioceptors can also be acquired through training to improve, such as: proprioceptor, an athlete is certainly more than the number of Indoorsman age, it’s not easy to turn. If repeated misalignment, there may be a pathological change of foot with tough tear injury, but did not get enough healing and recovery. For example, today sprain foot, no matter when, two days may be good, but there is a little old has been hurt, then a movement is particularly easy to ankle which is actually caused by trauma, chronic ankle instability, may be relative to the tibia talus a forward translation level. In this case, it is necessary to correct some of the joint loosening by the therapist, and then strengthen the foot strength through the corresponding exercise. If there is pain and swelling in the local area, it is necessary to do physical therapy to promote healing. In addition, a great relationship easy turn and shoes. The contact between the sole and the vamp affects the stability of the ankle. Compared with sports shoes, sandals, high heels are more likely to fall down. In addition, the sole and the ground of the two contact surface is also very important, the sole is too thick or high-heeled shoes are likely to lose control of the joints of the body. Don’t want to turn, how to pick shoes? Unless it is necessary to work, doctors recommend wearing sports shoes. To choose a good pair of shoes, first look at the shoes inside carbon plate arch, carbon plate should be larger, and should be a little hard. The carbon plate is a connecting device for front and back, to maintain consistency and increase the stability of sports shoes,.