14Sichuan coach to talk about opening the game to relax the players concerned about Hadadi injury|Sichuan coach to talk about opening the game to relax the players concerned about Hadadi injury5

Sichuan coach on the opener for the players to relax worry Hadadi state coach Yang Xuezeng Sichuan sina sports news Beijing time on October 29th, the 2016-17 CBA league season opener will be in Sichuan’s home court in Sichuan Province Sports Center opened zhanmu. In the morning Caichang training, the coach team said, can not wait for tonight’s opener. Sichuan coach Yang Xuezeng said that because this is the first game Hadadi injury, although the impact but I hope to see the team’s victory. "We’re all the same. I think the most important thing is to play this game." At the end of the training, Yang Xuezeng was surrounded by reporters, said that from the preparation we are asking the players to maintain a normal heart. Although the game is concerned, we don’t have too much pressure, do not turn the burden. According to our field ready to let go, especially at both ends to do, according to our own pace to play, will have a good result." Sometimes, excitement and tension between the lines, so Yang Xuezeng also hope that students can relax, "the most important thing is the mood to relax, do not give yourself too much pressure, don’t be nervous during the game. I believe that we are prepared for the game is very full, we must have this confidence." But Hadadi’s first game, or let him somewhat worried, "today is the first game Hadadi injury, the specific circumstances do not know how to, have a certain influence on the overall strength of the team is more or less." A reporter asked Yi Jianlian whether in return, and Hadadi exchange views, Yang Xuezeng said is not what exchange, "but from ourselves or concentrate on their things to the team, and not so much attention to the outside. Yi Jianlian’s return is that the CBA itself is a good thing to improve the brand’s influence. We also hope that Yi Jianlian will be able to come back and play a better role in CBA as well as his ability and mental outlook for the players is also a good drive to promote CBA’s influence." (Chen Xi)