14Jiangsu Europe for negative enemy new aid debut 11+10 was sure coach (video)|Jiangsu Europe for negative enemy new aid debut 11+10 was sure coach (video)7

Jiangsu Europe negative enemies new signings debut 11+10 won the European teams coach is definitely Jiangsu kendiya negative morning news (reporter Jing Zhenghua) local time on September 24th, in Europe the zipper Jiangsu kendiya basketball ushered in a game against the Slovenia Basketball League team krka. The results in this field, foreign aid Samuels’s first show, Cartier men’s basketball team defeated 63:89. However, Samuels scored 11 points and 10 rebounds, in the absence of the team and running under the condition of good performance. In the physical examination pass smoothly, and after kendiya basketball contract came into effect, the new aid Samuels began to participate in joint training team. However, before the team has too much running, Samuels will usher in his debut in the kendiya team in a warm-up match, against Slovenia kendiya men’s Basketball League 2015-2016 season third team krka. The strength of the gap, Cartier men’s basketball team lost to the opponent. Throughout the match, because Samuels had to play the basic team, are not familiar with the team, with the team with a bit strange, kendiya basketball was unable to handle the attack, score also gradually opened. Although the second half of the team Krka lead but spare no effort to catch up, hold, the ultimate victory. Nevertheless, for the first time on behalf of Samuels Cartier men’s basketball team, 11 points and 10 rebounds were the highest for the team, the coach group also won the affirmation. Coach said: I hope he will be in the next training and competition as soon as possible into the team, the performance is getting better and better. [collection] Jiangsu 104-106 Sichuan Hu Xuefeng 16 + 10 43 Haddadi (video has nothing to do with the original, for further reading.)