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The man drove two people playing mobile phone insurance butt road recrimination threatened to duel play mobile phone drive is dangerous driving, almost hit people, is wrong — the day before yesterday afternoon, the man Yang Dong (a pseudonym) across the road in Shapingba District Sha Yang road crossing, almost hit by a car. Yang Dong found the driver was actually playing the phone, did not realize that he was wrong. Drive to play mobile phone almost hit Yang Dong said himself in the zebra left two steps, a car fast. Originally thought that the driver will slow down, which material to continue to drive the car, rushed toward their own. He hurried to dodge, and fell to the ground. "Can you drive? Driving is still playing mobile phone!" Yang Dong yelled at the driver. He was really scared. Yang Dong scolded a few words, there is no lack of dirty words. On the phone to play the car, the driver Lee does not deny. However, he is not only an apology, but roll down the window and said: "believe it or not I kill you." Yang Dong listens more laihuo. Two people in the middle of the road names. Behind the car horn, traffic jam is more and more serious. See the bigger things, the driver of Yang Dong shouted: "do not, opposite the restaurant at the entrance." Yang Dong, who is from Shapingba, replied, "I’m waiting for you." When car drivers are not allowed to barricade himself to turn the car head, parked in the road opposite the bus station. Yang Dong a look, the other party did not go, but to wait for him. He also crossed the road to the front of the car. The two sides in the bus station parking at loggerheads continue to quarrel. Crowd more and more, several insiders criticized the owner is not right. "You drive almost hit someone wrong earlier, others say it, but he’s really not letting this go too unreasonable." But the owners do not want to apologize, ready to drive away. Yang Dong did not stop in front of the car, said the apology must be able to go. "Don’t move it killed you!" Other threats. The owner drove slowly, Yang Dong is not afraid of hard against the vehicle. Yang Dong’s right hand injury. Everyone in the containment, the driver was parking stall, locked the door, close the window, play mobile phone call. Yang Dong continued to request Lee to get off the apology, compensation for medical expenses, the driver ignored. In a fury, Yang Dong pulled the door, put a few door handle off. The driver on the grounds of intentional damage to the vehicle, the alarm. The two sides criticized the driver points to the driver called Li Qiang (a pseudonym), also in Shapingba. Police first criticized Li Qiang. Police said Li Qiang driving mobile phone dangerous driving behavior, almost hit Yang Dong. Patrol will tune monitoring evidence, such as Li Qiang does play a mobile phone, will buckle 2 points, fined $100. Yang Dong used car body is irrational behavior, if the accident will regret. "It is wrong for both parties to solve the problem by playing a bad temper and carrying out false ideas." Police were criticized for the two. Currently, the two sides on the issue of medical compensation and vehicle damage did not reach an agreement, will be further processed by the police. Chongqing evening news reporter Zhu Jun editor: Qu, SN117