13Izmailov Jiangong Yatai 2-1 Jianye echelon greet the dawn comments – Sohu Sports|Izmailov Jiangong Yatai 2-1 Jianye echelon greet the dawn comments – Sohu Sports4

Izmailov Jiangong Yatai 2-1 Jianye echelon greet the dawn comments – Sohu sports Jianye 1-2 Yatai ismailov celebrates with teammates broke Beijing time 19:35 on October 26th, 2016 in the twenty-ninth round, Henan Jianye home court lost 1-2 Changchun yatai. Fourteenth minutes to break forty-fifth minutes izmailov, Ivo Yang Boyu equalized, sixty-fourth minutes once again exceeded the score. Changchun Yatai with this victory, the 3 game winning streak record, which also makes the team away from the relegation zone, the echelon situation is bright. Jianye with 10 wins 5 flat 13 negative 35 points, there is still a downgrade possibility, but just get 1 points can definitely avoid relegation, this game can’t let down in the central plains. Yatai to 8 wins 5 flat 15 negative 29 points, ranked fifteenth in the relegation zone, if the fear will be relegated. It is because of this reason, the two teams are Jianye and Yatai to go all out, the game is very important of the relegation battle. Third minutes back to Jianye free kick, the ball bounced up, will get the ball shot. Fifth minutes Du Zhenyu will kick kick into the box, followed by goalkeeper to double boxing out. Eighth minutes Yin Hongbo outside the area to get the ball, then to choose long shots, but the ball hit high, resulting in loss of opportunity. Twelfth minutes before Zhang Xiaofei got the ball directly after the choice of effort, but the ball will be slightly deflected. Thirteenth minutes Du Zhenyu transfer threat straight ball, but the defensive players will threaten to defuse. Fourteenth minutes Du Zhenyu right in front of the threat of transportation, outflanking izmailov Tuscans leaping high, the ball into the opponent’s goal, Yatai turn from a guest into a host 1-0 lead. Eighteenth minutes Du Zhenyu once again threatened transport in ball, izmailov shakes Leipzig is a defensive player damage. Twenty-first minutes from Fan Xiaodong McGowan, then will vigorously long-range hit. Jianye twenty-seventh minutes before the game free kick, kick the ball into the box, and then by the defender siege. Thirtieth minutes Osman delivered a long pass, but Javier got the ball inside the restricted area, the referee was offside. Thirty-fourth minutes, Yin Hongbo left the transport threat pass, the ball will be getting up? Vangogh. Jianye thirty-ninth minutes before the game free kick, kick the ball into the box, the ball will be obtained directly, goalkeeper. Forty-fifth minutes Javier broke through the defensive player conveying the threat passes, Ivo vigorously volley, Jianye will score up into 1-1. The first half of the game, the two sides drew 1-1. Forty-eighth minutes Yang Kuo transport in ball threat, after shooting the ball to be on, but the ball will be directly dapian. Fiftieth minutes to get Jianye kicks, Ivo surgeon kick directly hit the door, the ball directly dapian. Fifty-fourth minutes Jiang Zhechang pass the ball will be transported to the restricted area, Moorello headed the Tuscans, but defensive player damage. Fifty-sixth minutes Jianye quick counterattack, Yin Hongbo formed a single ball opportunity, his shot was back breaking back. Fifty-eighth minutes Du Zhenyu transport threat pass, Bruno shot hit the Tuscans goalkeeper. Sixtieth minutes before the Du Zhenyu area.)