12Leonard 34+7 Manu harden scored three double win over the Spurs – Sports Sohu milepost rocket|Leonard 34+7 Manu harden scored three double win over the Spurs – Sports Sohu milepost rocket3

Leonard 34+7 Manu harden scored three double win over the Spurs – Sohu milepost rocket sports (Sports Sohu exclusive articles is forbidden) November 10th Beijing time, 2016-17 NBA regular season continues, Houston Rockets game at the Sanantonio spurs. The Rockets finished, 101-99 victory over the spurs. The field star: James harden the ball, harden played 41 minutes, scored 24 points and 15 assists and 12 rebounds and tenth career occupation scored three double. In addition, after the game, harden 5 consecutive games two assists, Lippi – Freud, he also became the first to do it in the Rockets in 1990, Freud had 5 assists the performance of 10+. Full score of the audience data: 33-24, 30-36, 22-20, 16-19 (rocket in front). The rocket side, in addition to harden, Anderson had 20 points and 8 rebounds, Cappella scored 12 points and 5 rebounds off the bench, Gordon 15 points, Dekker 10 points and 7 rebounds. The Spurs side, Aldridge 14 points and 5 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 steals, Leonard 34 points and 7 rebounds, Mills 8 points and 10 assists, Ginobili scored 8 points and 3 assists, also crossed the milepost career 13000 points. Game review 9+6 Leonard harden embrace 10 first quarter points out, the two teams not too much temptation, the Rockets were launched, quickly here, harden continuously sent pass, to help Cappella and Andrew Anderson outwire score, he can hold the ball to the finish inside the basket. And the Spurs side, Danny – Green injury hit three points, Leonard three points and shot, the Spurs will bite the score. But this quarter, the Rockets Attacking Fire gradually, Gordon free throws, the visiting team hit a wave 16-4 attack climax, will quickly extended the lead to two digits. Harden foul shot, Leonard three points net, single finished, rocket 33-24 lead. Harden 14+9 leads the gongzhan festival times, the Spurs began to show a road side, according to Harden, they adopted a more stringent defense. In the attack, the Spurs are more hit inside. This section, through continuous storm jumpers, Aldridge scored 9 points to help the Spurs, success will lead the score. Critical moment, Anderson stood out, he scored three points to help the Rockets to stop bleeding. Before the end of the first half, the two teams once again launched attacks, wonderful spurs attack two play, by Simmons layup, but soon, harden breakthrough shooting, and outside fouls 3 free throws. Leonard is not ambiguous, he turned back to hit the ball over the distance three minutes. After the show is not over, Dekker received a pass to harden, the buzzer hit three points, half finished, the Spurs 60-63 lags behind. James Leonard 27 points and two pairs of easy side battles, harden pass Ariza three assists on the double net. Since then, the situation is still a continuation of the tug. By the end of the rocket to borrow more flowering, but always stay ahead. This quarter, Harden layup, the gap is back to 9 points).