12CBA is the first 80 coach Zhejiang Chouzhou reconstruction team younger|CBA is the first 80 coach Zhejiang Chouzhou reconstruction team younger5

CBA is the first 80 coach Zhejiang Chouzhou reconstruction teams of young players to guide the Xinhua News Agency Hangzhou Zhang Boyu October 23rd sports news (reporter Xia Liang) in the new season lost three of the use of foreign aid right after Zhejiang Chouzhou bank team ushered in the history of the CBA’s first "80" coach Zhang Bo rain. For the past 6 seasons to replace the coach of the Zhejiang team for the 4 time, the team handed over 80 after the helm, the new season is undoubtedly seeking younger. The first round of the playoffs last season, the Liaoning team was swept 3:0, "opera" coach Ding Wei at the end of the season after class, assistant coach Zhang Boyu was subsequently righting. From the Guangdong tigers to the Zhejiang Chouzhou bank, Zhang Boyu, Ding Wei, Zhang Yongjun successively under the tutelage of Li Chunjiang and Yang Xuezeng. Zhang Boyu said that the new season to the Zhejiang men’s basketball team in the style from the back, after Zheng Wu and Ding Jinhui dating from Zhejiang men’s basketball national champion back. As Zhejiang’s domestic players fully deserve the first, Ding Jinhui last season due to injuries throughout the season only 22 appearances, averaging 10.3 points and 4.4 rebounds. In the new season, Ding Jinhui will be a player and assistant coach. Although the doctor has made it clear that he’d better stay away from the stadium, but Ding Jinhui still want to continue to fight for the team, but can not play the physical recovery. In the preseason with the Xinjiang men’s basketball team, coach Zhang Boyu was fined after appearances, Ding Jinhui became interim coach, ushered in his coaching career for the first time coaching. In the United States foreign aid, foreign aid Cody · laruns joined the Zhejiang team this season, will join Wiley · Warren composed of internal and external aid combination. La CBA preseason Wusu and Danyang two races to participate in the trial period, averaging 24 points and 15 rebounds. Born in 1992 in Lapland height 2 meter 08, weighing 113 kg, the 2015 NBA draft was drafted by the spurs. In 2016 the NBA Development League league laruns, averaging 13.3 points and 7.6 rebounds. The retention aid Warren last season, averaging 33.1 points, 5.8 rebounds, 5.4 assists and 1.7 steals, ranked fifth in the CBA score. In terms of assistance, with the transfer of Qiu Biao, Cao Fei, the team also accelerated the pace of youth. Wu, Jiang Kai grew rapidly, more young after 95 guard Deng Yuxin new season has also been promoted to a team. As one of the youngest team in the CBA, Zhejiang’s new season average age of less than 23 years old, the number of registered players in the team, there are 8 players after the "94"". Re start it, the last wave of players have passed, the best result is fifth, it is now the turn of the young players." Zhejiang Chouzhou bank club general manager Fang Jun said, the team will be in accordance with the games of age, the disadvantage is easy to cause the fault of young players. From the beginning of last year, we began to all ages to recruit people, the team last year in the U17 and U18 training squad of a total of 9 people, that the club in the youth work well." 2011 – 2012 season, the Zhejiang team has spent heavily to introduce JR· Smith.