10See also free Ding Junhui enjoy the game winning from logical|See also free Ding Junhui enjoy the game winning from logical9

See also free to enjoy the game since Ding Junhui Ding Junhui winning sports reporter Zhang Jin reported logical + Beijing on November 9th morning, 2016 snooker match first crown in the crown group for the group phase of competition, Ding Junhui relatively easily with 4 to 2 victory over Carter, qualify for the group phase finals. In the early of another group phase, Bingham by the same score beat defending champion Robertson, and Ding Junhui will compete for the team champion. Since this is the first game of the tournament, Ding Junhui and Carter’s offensive touch is not good, more mistakes, Taiwan long offensive efficiency is not high, in the case of a poor start, Ding Junhui secures the position, 1 to 2 behind even the final 3 games, winning the game. It is worth mentioning that Ding Junhui’s game state, relaxed, very relaxed. Comes into play, Ding Junhui smiling step of admission, the whole game down, Ding Junhui calm, when the game is not good can be steady, not rash, show good competitivementality out. It’s a game he’s always wanted to play, but it’s not easy to do it. From the national championship to the Chinese Jin, Ding Junhui apparently did not have a good control of their emotions. In the championship final defeat after Ding Junhui entered the press room will bring a low pressure, in the face of media questions is unfailingly, answered hastily. And in the middle of the game, depressed mood again enveloped him. After losing to Fu Jiajun suffered a swim after Ding Junhui once again frustrated. However, Ding Junhui is well aware of its need to be adjusted, so open up the conference, a good chat with reporters, said recently has been busy with a variety of events, don’t get enough rest, resulting in some emotional fluctuations, and said: "I need to relax now, it certainly is more relaxed than to face competition before." "Relax", said Ding Junhui is to let the mind go blank, "do some simple choice, do a simple ball", so that the effect will be better. From the tournament to crown crown, hurriedly rushed to Coventry from Guangzhou, Ding Junhui still have to face intensive competition brings fatigue and pressure brought by the game. Ding Junhui, on the other hand the pressure can not be ignored. As a sign of China snooker, carry things do too much. In the course of the game, the lens on the audience as many times in the face of the audience, we do not say his love and expectations. However, as an athlete, these are the need to face, it can be said to have to deal with, so as to better play. Unlike in the championship, this time, we see a light, free Ding Junhui, a relaxed Ding Junhui. Simple, easily hit the game, rather than their own strength to face Carter, winning has become logical. However, this is only the first game, the next opponent is more powerful, more difficult game, hope Ding Junhui can always maintain this attitude, win or lose, can really enjoy the game, enjoy the sport of snooker. Welcome to download the most professional sports APP sports + "please pay attention to more exciting sports +APP