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How’s firepower? High precision proofreading 1 handsome Feng Ba to eat special treatment of 22 people gathered in Wuhan national football training Gao Hongbo Zhang Yuning fatigue regression reporter Wang Xiaorui Wuhan reported from the evening of September 27th in Wuhan’s first training session since leaving Gao Hongbo for the Syria times, actually only 9 days. But unlike the previous against South Korea, Iran, China’s national team is now in a critical period of grab, the urgent need to attack the line, the development of a strong and stable firepower. Wuhan’s second day arrived, coach Gao Hongbo learned that a good news: the effect of Eredivisie Vitesse striker Didier Zhang Yuning ahead of the return. Although in the 27 day of the training class, Zhang Yuning just jogging recovery. But the next day, he took part in the national team have normal ball training. With Zhang Yuning, Wu Lei and Gao Lin, and Yang Xu, now the national team can try a variety of combination of personnel in the front. How to strengthen the attack faster and better, is one of the important topics in high military battle of syria. In 27 days, 28 days of the two day of training, pay close attention to high military offensive guns from the subtle "most basic". For example, there have been 45 degree attack hand plagioclase pass outflanking grab points practice, also have a striker one-on-one goalkeeper shot training. The Syrian war, both coach Gao Hongbo, was captain Feng Xiaoting, expressed clear attitude: October 6th this war, decided to try to win. Want to take three points, for the goal is to complete the task. However, in the current national team, four players to each of the problem. Yang Xu was expected to bear the brunt of Gao Hongbo, it is the feeling of the game in the game of the Chinese people’s Republic of china. After all, since September 6th in the battle against Iraq, Zhang Yuning returned to Holland, there has been no chance to compete. During the Vitesse team a total of 3 league games, plus a round of the Holland Zhang Yuning cup, every game finalists list of 18 people, but has been unable to play it, so many fans Chinese quite puzzled. But Gao Hongbo had expected, "at this stage, Zhang Yuning at Vitesse team, itself is not the first choice striker. To some extent, the club is to train him, can play a good game, can not play is normal. But the national team from the point of view, even if temporarily unable to play, he in charge of training quality, must be guaranteed, we still have confidence in this area." As for Wu Lei, Gao Lin and the other, there are difficulties for each of them, as well as those of the people of the world. The same is true of. Wu Lei in the first two rounds of the 12 finals after cruised to face the complex sound, has been outside as one falls, another rises. Gao Lin in the constant brigade, imperceptibly into the ball shortage, nearly two months 8 games only accounted for a ball. As for Yang Xu, because there is no long-term battle Luneng in the first team, is also a worry for Gao Hongbo, "I think in this not to regard it as right, China, many international club under too much pressure. In addition to the team’s victory, there may also be some excessive comments about their personal performance. In my opinion, Wu Lei, Yang Xu, or anyone else, they have done so well in their careers for many years, and we can’t ask them to do too much." He said, "from a point of view, I also believe that these players.