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100 in the top of the Wanda Hotel 3 [eleven] – – [time] tourism Sohu line photo: original graphic, copyright, without permission, not for commercial use, please indicate the source. Once again: the following pictures are the author of the original in September 24, 2016, Wanda hotel’s 100th hotels officially opened for Wanda hotels and resorts, this is an important milestone! Since 2007, Wanda Hotel Construction Co. Ltd. the first hotel project after the establishment of the Beijing Wanda Suofeite Hotel opened in less than 10 years, Wanda hotel brands throughout China each big city and resort, will be more in the near future to expand overseas. 100 hotels, unable to appreciate, as select top independent hotel brands: Wanda Ruihua Hotel ", to see their Chinese see only a small part, the luxury hotel in the end how! Tips: Ruihua hotel brand is Wanda Group to build its own brand: Jinhua, Ka Wah, Wen Hua, the top brand in china. For Wanda Ruihua hotel standards are very strict, and only in Wuhan at present, Chengdu and Shanghai opened three of the brand hotel. Seeing is believing, I follow the hotel the real photos together into Ruihua hotel. PS: according to the time order hotel opened, each hotel with 10 photographs: Wuhan Wanda Ruihua Hotel Wuhan Wanda Ruihua hotel opened the first Ruihua brand hotel, located in the beautiful scenery of the Wuhan East Lake scenic area, surrounded by Han street, Han Xiu theater, movie theme park, shopping and leisure venues. The hotel’s unique shape, outside the glass curtain wall is similar to diamond shape, but also decorated facade color LED lamps, in addition to color, change can achieve a simple pattern / character! The hotel lobby in the "East Lake spectacular map" jade color mural 10 meters high, 60 meters long, with a total area of 600 square meters, is by far the world’s largest color jade relief works. It also won the "Guinness’s" largest jade murals easily, is said to cost billions of dollars! The lobby bar is the top and middle gold crystal chandelier! Wood and leather with dark, dark gold tone collocation create elegant, splendid atmosphere. In the background of the restaurant rooms "blossoming" gold murals were craftsmen at the scene of a painting drawing! Pure handmade works of art! Outdoor seating overlooking the beauty of East Lake! Don’t look at the top of the roof turtle like appearance is not surprising, but it is electric, according to the needs of extension and retraction! The hotel has no column ballroom area of 1500 square meters, up to 9 meters, can be divided into the use of the small hall of the independent use of 3. The banquet hall with a large number of crystal lamps, with three fans from Yangzhou millions of dollars worth of high gold lacquer door, luxury. Many meeting rooms in the allocation of the most high-end meeting a board room, lifting screen, high-definition projection, top audio, physical showcase, digital conference system, touch screen control, remote video conferencing, if you want to high相关的主题文章: