10.10 who will win the election debate! Next week the focus of 3580 silver, natural gas fell more splitit

10.10 who will win the election debate! Next week the focus of 3580 silver, natural gas down to do more than Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Beijing time on Friday (October 7th) 20:30 released in the United States in September non farm payrolls data for 156 thousand people, significantly less than the expected 172 thousand, but better than the previous value of 151 thousand. It is equal to the United States in September compared to a slight improvement in the employment situation in August, but the improvement is less than expected, the impact of interest rate hike more complex. Recently, a number of Fed officials have said that the Fed’s pre emptive, does not rule out in November, the accident rate hike, which is expected in terms of market will undoubtedly have a greater impact". Gold and silver hit "Waterloo" has become the focus of financial markets this week, Tuesday gold heart break below $1300 mark, caused the stop plate, this is an important reason why gold and silver fell Tuesday, the international spot gold price highest exceeded $1260 resistance, breaking the line to $1265, the lowest close to 1240 U. S. dollars strong support. Closing price of gold approaching $1260 mark again. No matter how to interpret the data from non overnight complex, the data on the gold price trend will eventually become the past, gold prices plummeted overnight trend also reflects the change in market sentiment. Then the gold market is still concerned about the possibility of the Fed raising interest rates, including the Fed’s September monetary policy meeting minutes next week, Yellen speech, including heavy events will become the new focus of the market. Summary: next Monday (October 10th) the second U.S. presidential debate. Who will win the white hot election situation is critical. On the other hand for the next Thursday (October 13th) at two o’clock in the morning will be announced in the Fed’s monetary policy meeting minutes in September, investors can give due attention, but can not hope to get too much information. Next week, the gold and silver market really need to be vigilant, is next Friday (October 14th) 20:30 Yellen speech. Speaking of a meeting of the Fed chairman Yellen will be held in Boston in the attitude of Rosengren Yellen in November of no great importance, but the meeting is approaching, September U.S. payrolls data point to the complex situation, what is the latest idea will directly affect investors in November and December is expected to raise interest rates, the author pay attention to details of real time online WeChat zh45zh silver market review and forecast from silver daily chart of silver prices fell sharply after this week, the current market in a non normal oversold condition, if there is no bad news of the stimulus next week silver market makes continue to fall to stabilize, so there will be a fixed rail market next week the market will rebound. Entered the downstream channel in normal technology. Below the support level: 3580 silver operational recommendations: before entering the technical retracement channel to do, into the technical rebound in the short channel; 10.10 silver operational recommendations: 3 down on相关的主题文章: