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Mother on the toilet 1 year old son into the bedroom of the largest medical expenses into the bucket – – I really want to let him bear his pain." In the intensive care unit of Medical University Of Chongqing children’s Hospital at home in Yongchuan No. three station Ms. Feng lying on the bed looking 1 year old son, Tong Tong, leiruyuxia. September 4th, Tong Tong home accidentally fell into the bucket drowned, still remain unconscious. See tong tong body with a variety of treatment of the tube, mother, ms.. Just two days before the incident, Tong Tong just after his first birthday. A child fell into the bucket 4 at noon, after lunch, the family for lunch, husband to sleep in the bedroom, a lady to take care of her one year old Tong Tong and two-year-old daughter. At that time, the closure of the Tong Tong Tong Tong in her daughter’s room on the bed, so that her daughter and Tong Tong play together, she went to the bathroom. When she came out of the bathroom, she found that her daughter was playing cards alone on the bed. Lady immediately in her daughter’s room and living room to find a time, but has not found Tong Tong figure. The lady thought that the child might have fallen off the window. She looked down from the only open window, nor did she see Tong tong. Finally, she saw her husband sleeping in the room to increase the humidity of the bucket of water, Tong Tong was planted in the bucket. Ms. Feng exclaimed, "ah" sound, the husband went up. Seal lady immediately picked up Tong Tong, found Tong Tong pale face, has been unable to feel the obvious breathing, she immediately pressed Tong Tong Tong’s chest, still no response. Her husband quickly picked up the child rushed downstairs, the lady also followed closely, Tong Tong to hospital. In view of Tong Tong situation critical, that afternoon, Tong Tong was transferred to the children’s Hospital of Medical University Of Chongqing. Tong Tong’s love jump small apple saw tong tong body inserted with a variety of tubes, Ms. Feng couldn’t help crying, "originally saw Tongtong a needle, lose a liquid, I cried. Now, looking at him with so many tubes, I can’t imagine how painful he was." Since entering the hospital intensive care unit in September 4th, Tong Tong has been in a coma. His breathing basically rely on the ventilator to complete, because with aspiration pneumonia, Tong Tong has been a fever. In the diagnosis and treatment certificate of Tong Tong, the results were as follows: ischemic brain damage, liver damage and myocardial damage. The doctor told Ms. Feng, the Tong Tong is still not out of danger, not sure Tongtong is able to wake up, and wake up, Tong Tong due to brain and kidney damage sequelae the possibility of very large. Each see Tongtong quietly lying on the bed, a woman would ever think of Tong Tong, the lovely and lively way, "he love jump small apple, when the music sounded, he will not stop dancing." A bucket of water at home, so Tong Tong lost the vitality of the past. Medical expenses become the biggest problem Tong Tong sent to hospital, has been living in intensive care unit. Ms. Feng said, now about 5000 yuan a day to make this cost is not rich family feel heavy pressure. After the birth of the eldest daughter相关的主题文章: