0Wang Xudong Li Chenyang the positive energy is engraved in the youth – Society – Peopl|Wang Xudong Li Chenyang the positive energy is engraved in the youth – Society – Peopl

Wang Xudong   Li Chenyang   will be the energy of the moment in the youth – Society – People’s network Wang Xudong rescue scene after landing. Data photo Wang Xudong and Li Chenyang photo. Newspaper reporter Zhang Danhua photo to see people’s image of life, when only thinking about saving, did not expect to attract so much attention and praise, but also really a little not adapt." 26 year old sun big boy Wang Xudong low head to smile, the girl friend Li Chenyang is standing next to look at him, smile sweet. Recently, a couple of the force rescued a drowning man caused people’s attention, be net friend called "the most beautiful lover", netizens said that this is the best way to show affection. See the drowning man in the water struggling, instinctively to save on April 10 at about 5:30, Jintai District, Baoji City in Shaanxi Province Venus village. Wang Xudong riding a motorcycle carrying Li Chenyang home. Passing the lead Weiqu side, found a lot of people gathered on the shore, someone with a fork to stop what. A closer look, a man was the river downstream drift down. Man struggled in the water a few times. Wang Xudong turned to Li Chenyang and said: "the person is still alive, I will go down to rescue him." Across the fence, along the 8 meter high dam, Wang Xudong jumped into the water. The lead Weiqu water more than 5 meters wide, the water floating in the central. "Just do not know when the depth of the depth, choking a saliva." Wang Xudong said, I did not learn to swim, swim very hard." Swim to the middle of the ditch, Wang Xudong grabbed the drowning man’s arm, and put him to the shore. "To the side of the canal, it was exhausted. The cement dam is steep and slippery, and my feet are in disorder, but I can’t find the foothold." Two people drifted down a few meters. Wang Xudong, foot met a small mound, take advantage of the pedal in the above stood up, put the drowning person frame to the leg, to help him control the water control. A villager found a 20 meter long leather tube thrown to the river. Wang Xudong took the pipe in the drowning man’s waist wrapped around a few laps, a knot. With the help of the crowd, he pulled the drowning man on the shore. Wang Xudong, who climbed to the shore, shivering with cold, left the crowd in silence, and walked to the house which was not far away. According to the villagers, the river has more than two meters deep, fast flowing, Wang Xudong foot pedal to the mound is shore a family some newly renovated finished houses fell into the ditch of construction waste. If you do not find this end result, Wang Xudong and drowning man and then drifting down more than 200 meters will be entered into a culvert. Culvert is more than 1000 meters long, people drift into, think of it is difficult to find. The boyfriend of the relay rescue the drowning person. As a nurse, saved many people unconscious drowning just pulled ashore, Chenyang stood out: "I’m a nurse." Li Chenyang in the water side squat down, smell a pungent smell, the person is drunk slip into the preliminary judgment. Chenyang and the other a villagers together, first in the drowning man nose clean, then tore open his shirt, he do cardio pulmonary resuscitation. Scene someone took the picture: a girl kneeling on the ground, roll up their sleeves, is lying on the ground to do CPR, leaving a beautiful back;