0The death of thousands of netizens ridicule cancer guy to raise money for treatment|The death of thousands of netizens ridicule cancer guy to raise money for treatment

Cancer guy ridicule the death of thousands of netizens to raise money to cure the original title: boy, Confessions of my laugh death thousands of netizens to raise money to cure graph shorten and photo Beijing, Hohhot February 29 (Shang Hongbo zhanglinhu) "Bing Feng Li Bing Feng Li himself, my name, 32 years of age, of lung tumours grew guy. Look at this guy, luck is not very good, or how to get cancer?" Three days ago, Hohhot, Bing Feng Li in the circle of friends released the "old ice. My confessions, make fun of disease, more tell the strong. Just 3 days, this essay will be tens of thousands of people, thousands of people to raise funds for his treatment. 29, the reporter contacted the phone is being treated in Beijing, Li Bingfeng, I am very good, thank you for your concern." A loud voice came from the phone. Li Bingfeng is Hohhot people, after a Real Estate Company to work, in January this year, the company’s physical examination found that the lungs have a shadow, and finally diagnosed as advanced lung cancer. "With the old gun in the film as saying, stubble on the shelf, what cancer? I really want to find something stubble frame not pleasing to the eye, but not with cancer. Even if he is a dog, I will be very passionate with it. Want to know what cancer? I really don’t want to say, do not love to respond it ignores it, I cheated." Li Bingfeng wrote in this confession. Li Bingfeng said he hadn’t thought about it before, but now he’s starting to think about it. He begged God to obliterate happened to him in the disaster, instead of his death in another way or other. "You can put me into a dog, so I can be my daughter’s pet, always accompany her till the end of time; you can turn me into a car, so you can when my wife’s car, always accompany her look all the scenery along the way; you can turn me into a home in the yard of the poplar. Only in this way can as my parents’ permanent property, always accompany their endless…" It is about fantasy, will need to face reality. "If it is to be feared, but can not be afraid to stand up; crying is about to cry, but can not cry do not know smile; is pessimistic to be pessimistic, but cannot die in the unlit alleys; happy is to be happy, but not short like Epiphyllum yesterday." Li Bingfeng said. "I am writing this text, what is it? Money, I’m bad. Anyone dying, what money? Healing, continuation of life. To live a few days, meaningful to live a few days. Accompany my lovely child, her kindergarten before graduation; to accompany my wife, she has not abandoned me; honor my parents. They have full temples are greying, how can bear white hair person send black hair pain? " So Li Bingfeng will present his frank to you. "Between the lines to see the old ice very talented. Confession, old old ice ice strong touched me, I feel sad, I will try my meager strength, hope you smile every day." The netizen says Kai xin. "The same as a cancer patient, I appreciate your sincere and forthright, continue refueling! Work hard……" Friends encourage him brother. Reporters learned that, after that the condition of Li Bingfeng’s illness, graduating from Inner Mongolia Agricultural University students have been in since 6