0Qinghai Menyuan earthquake caused 54 homes without casualties – Sohu news|Qinghai Menyuan earthquake caused 54 homes without casualties – Sohu news

Menyuan County of Qinghai earthquake induced 54 houses damaged no personnel casualties – Sohu News Xinhua Menyuan County of Qinghai Province January 21 (reporter Luo Xiaofei, Zhangxi) reporter from Qinghai Province Menyuan Hui Autonomous County government learned, 1:13 occurred in Menyuan Hui Autonomous County of Qinghai Province 6.4-magnitude earthquake caused by 54 houses were damaged, causing no casualties. As of 7, the statistics show that the county only Su Ji Beach Township, Su Ji Wan Village, a young man in the hedge when the broken glass scratches, has been dressing care. According to the Menyuan County Magistrate Huang Jicheng, 33 km from the epicenter of Menyuan County, appreciate in the set the slope area, the epicenter intensity of 8 degrees, as no man’s land. After initial verification, the earthquake caused a total of 54 houses damaged in varying degrees, of which 20 are damaged, housing cracks. Taking into account the aftershocks continue to occur, Qinghai Provincial Civil Affairs Department has from the top of the tent around the transportation of more than 700, other relief supplies has been fully prepared. Menyuan County, the next step will be to increase the earthquake damage investigation and statistics. 6 pm, the reporter arrived at the epicenter near the mountain village. Into the township government, the reporter saw a busy night North Township Party committee secretary Kong Qinghan. According to the Kong Qinghan earthquake after half an hour, township government staff is divided into 7 groups, were dispatched to seven administrative villages in the housing damage to the masses to appease, to damage for verification. At present, the local communication, road traffic are not affected by the earthquake. Menyuan County Party Secretary Dong Jinming said that the earthquake "zero casualty", and Menyuan County in recent years, the implementation of the new rural construction has direct relationship. It is reported that the implementation of the new rural construction of Menyuan County has full coverage of the county 109 villages, 30090 households, more than 90% of rural housing reform.